CNN Contributor Booted from Network After Tweeting 'The World Today Needs a Hitler'


CNN terminated its relationship with contributor Adeel Raja on Sunday after it was revealed that he had posted a series of anti-Semitic, pro-Adolf Hitler comments on social media.

Over the weekend, Raja, who is based in Pakistan, tweeted about Israel’s ongoing defense against Hamas terrorists by saying that “the world today needs a Hitler.”

He deleted the tweet, but journalist Jon Nicosia posted a screenshot of it.

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This was far from the first time that the writer praised the Nazi dictator or supported the killing of Jews.

Journalist Yashar Ali tweeted screenshots of similar posts by Raja, including a statement alleging that he supported the German soccer team because of what Hitler did to the Jews, and another tweet that simply said, “Hail Hitler!”

For his part, Raja expressed no remorse about the tweets and celebrated CNN’s action as a rallying point for anti-Israel activists everywhere.

“Glad a single tweet contributed to the #Palestine cause and brought it to limelight with me [losing] my job and the West’s claim of Freedom of expression and human rights!” he tweeted Monday.

Many people no doubt will express shock and outrage over Raja’s tweets and his connection with CNN. The relationship is hardly surprising, however.

The American left makes no secret of its utterly contemptible anti-Semitism and its desire to see the Jewish state abolished in favor of the terroristic Hamas.

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The Democrats’ most progressive wing, the so-called squad, is vitriolically anti-Semitic and has spent countless hours in the past weeks attempting to promote Hamas’ terrorism and delegitimize Jews’ right to exist and to have a state of their own.

Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib gave a speech last week in support of the so-called Free Palestine movement, where she equated Hamas’ brutal attacks on innocent civilians with the fight against racial injustice in the United States.

Footage of the event clearly showed Tlaib speaking in front of a banner promoting Neturei Karta, an extremist Jewish sect that believes Israel must be destroyed and that Jews must be prevented from governing a state until the Messiah comes.

Does the establishment media have an anti-Jewish bias?

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar matter-of-factly defended the terror attacks on Israeli civilians and argued that Israel’s attacks on Hamas were the real terror.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted that Israel was an apartheid state and should not be considered a democracy.

Finally, Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley tweeted a video of herself claiming that Israel was in fact a military occupation of Palestine.

The establishment media, meanwhile, continue to amplify their voices and issue broad and baseless claims that conservatives are somehow racist or inherently supportive of white supremacy.

The left is defending the bombing of Israel by terrorists who have called for a global jihad against Jews, and they are doing it by applying the horrifically racist logic of so-called antiracism that led to a year of brutal leftist violence across the nation.

As such, should anyone really be surprised that CNN was employing such an individual as Raja?

After all, it was just months ago that CNN technical director Charlie Chester plainly admitted that his network engages in Democratic Party “propaganda.”

Since anti-Semitism is the default view of the Democrats’ newest and most extreme wing, what more than anti-Semitism and anti-Israel propaganda could one possibly expect from such an outlet?

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