CNN Gives Devastating News About Joe Biden on Live TV


New polling casts serious doubts on the prospects of President Joe Biden’s re-election.

Only a third of Americans say the Democrat deserves a second term in the White House — with some of Biden’s core constituencies having soured on his job performance.

A whopping 67% of poll respondents say Biden, who is 80 years old, doesn’t deserve re-election in 2024, answering the question in a CNN poll released Thursday.

CNN’s John King was frank in discussing the lack of an appetite for a second Biden term.

“The numbers are beyond sobering for President Biden,” King said in a segment with the liberal network’s David Chalian.

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While Biden maintains a mediocre overall approval rating of 42% in the poll, the president significantly underperforms in his approval ratings when it comes to key political issues such as immigration (35%) and the economy (37%).

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Only 26% of Americans under the age of 35 say Biden deserves a second term — dismal numbers among a demographic that Democrats have relied on for election turnout.

Even most Democrats want to see their party select an alternate nominee.

A majority of Democrats or Democrat-leaning independents, 54%, want someone other than Biden, according to the poll.

However, members of the party can’t seem to come up with a possible alternative to the career politician.

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No other Democrat merited the support of more than 5% of Democratic voters in the poll, potentially leaving the party stuck with its incumbent president.

If Biden were to secure re-election, he’d increase his lead for the record of the oldest president in American history — by far.

Biden was sworn in at the age of 78 — older than his oldest predecessor, Ronald Reagan, was when Reagan left office at age 77 in 1989.

Biden is yet to firmly commit to the prospect of a re-election bid — although he’s signaled his willingness and general intent to run.

If Biden were to finish a second presidential term, he’d stand to leave office at the age of 86 — surpassing his closest predecessor by nearly a decade.

The CNN poll was conducted from March 1-31 among a random sample nationally of 1,595 adults, with a sampling error of plus or minus 3.3 percentage points.

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