CNN's Troubles Continue as Anderson Cooper Gets Annihilated by Fox News


CNN is not just losing in the ratings game, they are getting blown out.

According to Mediate, Fox News’ total viewership was more than three times higher than that of CNN.

As Fox News continues to trounce CNN overall, host Tucker Carlson garnered more than three million viewers in a day.

To put things in perspective, Tucker’s CNN competitor, Anderson Cooper, had 637,000 daily viewers.

Another reason CNN is getting dominated by Fox News, is Don Lemon. Lemon, who commented that Republican presidential nominee contender Nikki Haley is “past her prime,” had calls from female CNN staffers to be fired.

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In addition to Lemon’s loose, misguided lips, his ratings stink — you know, like milk that is “past its prime.” The most recent ratings on Mediate showed his “CNN This Morning” program could use some new viewers, hovering around 300,000.

In contrast, and in the same time-slot, “Fox and Friends” is averaging well over 1 million daily viewers.

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We can’t fault CNN for lack of trying, but their attempts have turned out to be futile. Constantly getting destroyed by Fox News may have caused CNN to take some desperate measures, like rolling out CNN+.

The short-lived subscription streaming service lasted one month. Honestly, who thought a business plan that forced consumers to pay for something they weren’t using for free would be a good idea to begin with?

The huge ratings disparity is a representation of a country that is tired of getting lied to. At one time, CNN was a standard of truth and honest journalism, but those days are long gone.

Lemon is just adding fuel to the fire burning down CNN, much like the rioters from the Summer of 2020’s “mostly peaceful protests.”

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The American people want and deserve truth, and the ratings reflect that “burning” desire.

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