MSNBC Host Shills for Biden as He Puts America Last, Doesn't Realize What's Playing on Screen Behind Her


On Wednesday, MSNBC aired a segment discussing President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe and subsequent return home, praising his efforts, but something happened in the background that went unnoticed by the show’s host.

Biden tripped up the stairs of Air Force One while boarding the aircraft in Warsaw, Poland.

That’s right, while returning from his “historic” trip to Ukraine and Poland, he fell while walking up the staircase to the plane — again.

If Biden wanted this trip to prove he had strength as a leader — both domestically and internationally — this was not the final image to present to the world.

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If you pay close attention to the clip, you will notice that the far-left outlet actually cut away from the embarrassing gaffe faster than Joe Biden could say, “c’mon man!”

To make things worse, this week’s trip had the president traipsing about Europe offering help, comfort and support to the Ukrainian people while the people of East Palestine, Ohio, were left dealing with toxic chemicals floating around their town.

Biden sure knows how to put America last!

Are you sick of having a president who puts America last?

If you can believe it, this wasn’t the first humiliating moment of Biden’s “America Last” trip.

While giving a speech addressing NATO allies, “gaffe master Joe” offered a heaping dose of word salad.

“Would we respond? Or would we look the other way? Would we be strong? Or would we be weak? Would be, you, we would be, would we the, all of our allies would be united, or divided?” Biden stumbled over his sentence.

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He may be stumbling over his words, but at least we can decipher them and have a general understanding of what he was attempting to say — this time.

In an earlier speech in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Monday, Biden not only stumbled over his words, he seemed to forget his place in the speech entirely, as well as the message.

Gaffes aside, President Biden could be forgiven for a trip up the stairs or forgetting his place in a speech. But can he be forgiven for overlooking the American people? What kind of leadership is that? Doesn’t America deserve better?

The answer is yes, and if one wants to get a glimpse of a true act of patriotic leadership, they need look no further than former President Donald Trump.

While Biden stumbled over words and stairs across the Atlantic, Trump was in East Palestine, bringing supplies, comfort and hope to a broken American community.

Has there ever been a more obvious display of “America First” versus “America Last”?

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