DeSantis Proposes 5-Point 'Digital Bill of Rights' to Protect Citizens from Big Tech


On Wednesday, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his proposal called the “Digital Bill of Rights” aimed at protecting the people of Florida from big tech companies. This proposal is designed to safeguard citizens from the potential overreach of these companies and their harmful practices.

By now, most of us have seen the “Twitter Files,” and if you haven’t, you should. It’s deeply concerning how rooted Big Tech has been in our politics, FBI, censorship and lives in general.

Something’s got to give, and it looks like DeSantis is doing just that.

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Under this bill, Floridians will have the right to participate in online platforms without being subjected to censorship, to engage in private conversations without surveillance by Big Tech and to be informed of how search engines manipulate search results.

The proposed bill will also protect children from “online harms” and prevent companies from selling minors’ information without the consent of their parents. These are great and necessary things that need to be implemented in the social media cesspool.

When you think about our society, and how most of it is lived online, it is frightening to think of the level of censorship, disinformation and breaches of privacy that it has had. If most of the time people are on their devices, then most of the time they are existing in a polluted, parallel reality which is mostly distorted.

Should the US adopt a digital bill of rights?

The ills that it has caused society are too immeasurable to list. If you lived any of your life as an adult without social media, you remember the tranquility we once had.

We move faster, longer and with less direction than ever before. Therefore, it is imperative that something be done to reign this mess in. Enter the the governor of Florida.

DeSantis explained that unauthorized surveillance through cell phones would not be allowed and companies would be prohibited from collecting and retaining personal information, such as GPS location and biometric data, without express authorization.

You mean we won’t be tracked without our knowledge?

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Nice! It’s almost like we live in America where that is part of our unalienable rights. When you think about it: If there were ever going to be a chance to take down America, this is it. It won’t be through military might or muscle, it will be by our own addiction to our devices and social media — and the evil forces who exploit it.

Additionally, the proposal seeks to ban state agencies from forming partnerships with social media platforms to enforce censorship. DeSantis highlighted the recent censorship of users on Twitter, mentioning the collaboration of Dr. Fauci with Facebook and others to censor legitimate information.

Honestly, does it feel like we are in a bad dream, and it isn’t possible any of this could be real? George Orwell was either way ahead of his time, or a time traveler, because what seemed ludicrous in “1984” is now soberingly real.

According to DeSantis, big tech companies wield a significant amount of power to control what people see and use their personal information, even colluding with the government. Big Tech has run rampant without any competition or regulation.

Now that DeSantis has introduced the “Digital Bill of Rights,” Floridians may be reaping the rewards. But more importantly, this could have a lasting impact on all Americans, as it could compel social media companies to change their policies overall — impacting every user in the Land of the Free.

Thank you Gov. DeSantis.

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