Comcast-Funded Company Posts Disturbing Video of Kids Being Brainwashed by Abortion Activist


There’s a new video making the rounds online, and it has a shockingly tone-deaf and disturbing message for young kids.

On Friday morning, the Facebook page “Kids Meet” posted a lengthy video which promotes abortion as casual birth control — and it only gets more twisted from there.

“Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion,” the eight-minute video’s title declares. Sure enough, the professionally-produced video features a far-left activist named Amelia Bonow pushing her abortion views on adolescent kids, all while fun music plays in the background.

“Well, I had an abortion,” Bonow began, as if she was mentioning that she brushed her teeth that morning.

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“Why did you have an abortion?” asked one of the young girls in the video.

Was Bonow’s life in danger? Were there complications? Well, no. “A few years ago, I got pregnant, and I really didn’t wanna have a baby,” the woman declared.

One of the girls participating in the video asked the obvious question. “May I ask what happened? Did he not wear a condom, did the condom break?”

That’s when the “role model” giving “advice” to children openly admitted that it was her own actions that led to consequences.

Does this make you re-think your opinion of Comcast?

“He wasn’t wearing a condom,” Bonow admitted.

“Why wasn’t he wearing a condom?” the girl responded with a skeptical look. The answer came down to one word: Laziness.

“Have you ever had two options, and one of them seems easier at the time?” the abortion activist replied. “It was the shortcut version.”

Are you following so far? An abortion promoter who thinks it’s great to push her agenda onto children just admitted that she ended a life because she couldn’t be bothered to wear a condom — which are available for free in many places — and apparently wasn’t using any kind of birth control at all.

Hey, why take precautions when you can just abort all your problems away? But don’t worry, Bonow declared that she “wouldn’t really say that I was being reckless.” Maybe she doesn’t know what that word means.

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“When you have an abortion, what exactly do you do?” asked another kid participating in the video.

“You go to the doctor, and they put this little straw inside of your cervix,” Bonow helpfully explained. “And then inside of your uterus. And then they just … suck the pregnancy out of you.”

The young girl sitting next to her couldn’t hide her disgusted reaction.

Does the thought of a human being killed and sucked out of you with a vacuum make you squeamish? It turns out there’s nothing to worry about — it’s just like getting your teeth cleaned.

“And it was like, a crappy dentist appointment or something,” the abortion activist said. “But then it was over, and I felt just grateful that I wasn’t pregnant anymore.”

Incredibly, Bonow openly admitted that abortion ended a life. “I feel like, if I am forced to create life, I have lost the right to my own life.” She went on to bizarrely attack adoption as an option, declaring that it was wrong for a child to have its own life even with adoptive parents.

“Even if you’re giving a kid up for adoption, you’re still like… have a kid out there somewhere,” Bonow said with a look of disdain on her face. Yes, in her world an adopted kid having a chance at life is terrible and should be prevented — by sucking the child through a straw.

People twist themselves into all sorts of mental knots just to justify their own decisions. The pro-abortion leftist may have just taken first prize for deepest denial, however.

“What do you think that God thinks about abortion?” she asked the kids. “I think, like, he’s fine with it because there are still babies being born,” one boy replied. It was unclear if he thought genocide was fine as long as there were still other people elsewhere, but at least he was just a kid.

Bonow, on the other hand, is a grown adult who has no excuse for her next statement.

“I think it’s all part of God’s plan,” she declared about abortion. How convenient: Your own self-centered choices are God’s plan! It’s in the Bible somewhere, maybe in the Book of Delusion.

But wait, there’s more! The abortion promoter didn’t even bother debating whether life begins at conception. Instead, she went off the logical rails, and made what is possibly her most jaw-dropping statement yet.

“I believe that life begins when a person has a baby,” Bonow told the gathered children.

Pause for just one moment. Re-read that quote. This leftist abortion authority, a woman that a major production company decided was a great role model for kids across America, just declared that she thinks a child magically becomes alive the moment it’s born.

A premature baby four weeks before delivery? Nah, not a life. A few minutes before a C-section? Not a life.

The viable tiny person we can see on the ultrasound sucking his thumb in the womb while his heart steadily pumps? Doesn’t count, because “life begins when a person has a baby.”

Even moderates who are on the fence about abortion should find that statement ridiculous. It isn’t backed up by any science, facts, or reality, yet leftists like Bonow are the ones calling pro-life views “propaganda” and claiming that conservatives are anti-science.

So what is an unborn baby if it isn’t a human life? Glad you asked.

“Yeah, I kinda like to compare it to a sea cucumber,” one boy explained while the abortion promoter looked on approvingly. “It’s like, your arm is not capable of complex thought. Neither is a baby inside your womb.”

Child yawning in the womb. Not a sea cucumber. (Creative Commons video)

Hang on. So it’s OK to kill life that doesn’t have complex thought? A profoundly-disabled kid in a wheelchair may not have “complex thought.” Neither does a week-old infant, actually. So it’s fine to murder them if they’re inconvenient? Who decides where the cutoff is?

Remember, these are the same people who think hunting and fishing is immoral because a salmon is more worthy of protection than a human child.

Buckle up, because it only goes downhill from here. If there was any doubt that the video was propaganda targeting kids, Bonow proved it by light-heartedly boasting about how great it was to tell complete strangers that you’ve ended the life of an unborn child.

“Have you told a lot of people, or just your close family?” wondered one of the kids.

“I told my Lyft driver on the way here!” bragged Bonow, while the video production crew could be heard laughing loudly. Yeah, telling your taxi driver about your abortion like it’s a funny story is hilarious.

“To me, the phrase pro-life is propaganda,” declared the woman creating propaganda. “(Conservatives) aren’t pro-life. I’m pro-life!”

Here’s a tip: Maybe don’t take life advice from a woman who is deeply unsure if an unborn child is any different from an appendage.

“Everyone has a different background … how they think about the world, how they think about when life begins,” Bonow insisted. “Is it an arm? Is it a sea cucumber? Is it a baby?”

No. The answer is no, sweetheart. An unborn baby is not, in fact, a sea cucumber. Even if you believe really hard, your baby doesn’t become something different just so you can sleep at night after destroying it. This is called magical thinking, and just possibly mental illness.

Bonow is so intent on having her life-ending decision define herself, she even made it a permanent part of her image. Pulling her bottom lip down for the camera, the far-left activist showed the kids the word she has tattooed inside her mouth: “ABORTION.”

“It feels like I’m living my exact right life,” she boasted. “God’s plan.”

And the company behind the jaw-dropping video? There’s a good chance you’ve given them money at some point. The “Kids Meet” series is produced by HiHo, a children’s brand which promises to “promote empathy through play.”

HiHo, in turn, is owned by Cut. And who owns Cut? Just a little company that’s in millions of American homes: Comcast.

It’s your “choice” who you give your hard-earned money to. But if this video and other propaganda efforts like it leave you feeling a bit uneasy, you might want to think harder about who is getting your dollars.

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