Cops Spot Homeless Family of 6 Living Behind Walmart, Mom Fears She's in Trouble


Diana Ross once said in a song: “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand. Make this world a better place, if you can.”

This rings true for people who are passionate about helping the poor and less fortunate.

Just when you thought food banks and charities were the only ones lending a helping hand, another story sheds some light on our public service workers.

In December, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputies, Tim Yee and Johnny Le, were working with their Homeless Outreach Team and came up to a homeless camp right behind a Walmart in the local area.

On one of those days, they spotted a family of six.

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Shannon Loveless said she was preparing lunch for her three kids when the officers approached her. The mom feared she was in some sort of trouble, but to her surprise, the cops wanted to help.

“Kind of choked up a little bit, to see the kids dirty and hungry, it touched me‬,” Le said. And it touched his partner, too.

The two officers went out of their way to help with groceries and buy toys for the kids. The family was even placed in a motel that same day.

In tears, Loveless was grateful for it all. “Just for [the kids] to be able to have a warm place to sleep and watch cartoons, you know things that kids do, you take it for granted,” she said.

This was just the push the struggling mom needed to feel motivated again.

With the officers’ help, she was ready to get back on the right track for the new year.

Some would think it was divine intervention that sparked this encounter, and Le would agree. He has since called that special day a “miracle.”

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Yee added that there is a softer side to cops too, and Loveless can now attest to that claim.

She said, “We only see the negative side of police officers, so to see this side of them is really awesome.” These cops have helped more than they know.

In a recent update from the family, they said:

“Your deputies helped us in a HUGE way, because of them and the resources they put us in contact with, my family and I will be in our own place within the month! I am so grateful for them and I just want them to know that. I feel like I owe everything to them for what they did for us! Thank you all again!”

They have certainly left a mark on this family, and we can only hope that their generosity sets an example for the rest of their brothers and sisters in blue.

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