Cyclist Caught Off-Guard, Eats Pavement After Kangaroo Comes Out of Nowhere


Video footage of an Australian cyclist blindsided by a kangaroo demonstrates just how wild wildlife can really be.

The cyclist, identified only as Rebecca, could be seen riding along a country road in Queensland on Jan. 26 right before a kangaroo leaped from the bush and slammed into her, knocking her off her bike.

Footage of the incident was captured by a camera mounted on the handlebars of another cyclist’s bike, reported.

“After we crested a hill, about 30km/h into the ride, we slowed for others to catch up,” fellow cyclist Helen said.

“Two of us also saw kangaroos on both sides of the road. The ones on the left hopped away, the one on the right waited to join its mob,” she added. (Fun fact: according to Wikipedia, the collective noun for a group of kangaroos is “a mob, troop, or court.”)

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The kangaroo literally jumped on Rebecca and hopped away seemingly unscathed.

The video showed just how high these animals can jump.

Take a look:

Have you ever encountered a kangaroo?

That looked like a hard hit, but thankfully Rebecca was not seriously injured.

She’s lucky. Kangaroos can grow up to five feet tall and can hop as fast as 30 mph, Live Science reported. A kick from one can result in serious injury.

Two other cyclists looked after Rebecca until an ambulance arrived.

“She was released from hospital that afternoon, with stitches in her knee and her right arm in a sling, for the shoulder-injury from the kangaroo’s impact,” Helen recounted.

“Within a day she was having a rueful laugh about it all and worrying about the work days she will miss,” she added.

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That’s what you call a good sport.

We are glad Rebecca is on the road to recovery after this nasty spill.

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