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Dad Lines Up Dogs Like 3 Guilty Children After Getting Into The Garbage


Dogs are basically just children with fur. Getting a new puppy is roughly the equivalent of having a baby: they need round-the-clock care and supervision, and they’re good at getting into things.

And yet, if you’ve ever had to chastise a pup for doing something naughty, you probably got a distinct impression that they can and do feel guilt.

There are plenty of examples online, including the infamous Denver the Guilty Dog, who “smiled” when she got into the cat treats and gave herself away.

If you have more than one dog, they often play off one another and get into even more trouble. Again, like kids: the more the merrier, but the more the naughtier, too.

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That was certainly true for one family who recently shared a recording of an incident that took place in their home.

Jennifer Bannon recorded while her husband Greg assessed the crime scene. Paper plates with chewed-out holes, trash and debris scattered over the kitchen floor and dragged into the nearby room as well.

Dogs aren’t very good at cleaning up after themselves. The evidence was damning, and the three pups knew it very well.

Maggie, Ellie, and Ace were all called into the kitchen as Greg surveyed the mess. After a little directing, the three sat in a row while Greg lectured them.

“What happened in the kitchen while we were gone?” he asked. “Hey! Sit down.”

The two smaller dogs eventually sat down, but Ace looked abashed. His ears were held limply at the side of his head as he looked nervously back and forth between Jennifer and Greg.

“What in the world happened in this kitchen? We leave for just a little while, and you all have to be in the trash. It makes no sense whatsoever…

“Ellie! Did you pull stuff out of the trash can? Ace? What about you? Maggie — was you up here on the counter?”

“When are you all going to quit doing this?” Greg asked the three, his hands thrown out to his side. They looked at him with shame.

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Then he went into the living room and called them in there, too. They got up, reluctantly, and trotted into the adjoining room with lowered heads.

Ellie dragged her heels a bit and looked back sullenly at Jennifer. Ace and Maggie obediently walked over to him and bowed their heads.

As he explained that now he’d have to clean all the mess up, Ace looked back at Jennifer for some sort of reassurance. “Don’t look at her, look at me when I’m talking to you,” commanded Greg.

“It’s terrible,” he proclaimed. “Should I whoop you? Alright, go on.”

As soon as he released the dogs, they leaped up and resumed their normal behavior, wagging and prancing. Ellie even checked up on Maggie momentarily as they made their quick getaway.

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