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Dad Records Dances with Daughters Through the Years in Sweet Video


There are two dances a bride looks forward to most in preparation for her wedding day: her first dance with her new husband and a special dance with her dad.

Knowing this, one dad started planning for that day right after his oldest daughter was born, as he prayed for wisdom in providing his little girl with an example of a Godly man.

“When my baby girls were weeks old, I began praying for their future husbands and planning for each of their wedding days,” L.A. Ricketson wrote on his YouTube channel, “Advice from Dad.”

That’s when the new dad came up with the perfect plan to make those sweet moments even more special. Once a year, Ricketson would dance with each of his daughters, recording a short, two-minute video as they spun and twirled together.

He planned to compile each clip and surprise the three girls when it came time for each of them to start a new life with a new man, wanting his daughters to remember the years they spent growing together as God prepared them for the future.

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“As I was learning to be a father, my baby girl was learning to be a bride,” he wrote in one of the YouTube videos.

His middle daughter, Sutton Eisenman told The Western Journal that the videos were recorded once a year, usually around Christmas or New Years, and all three sisters would “take a few minutes and take a turn to dance with daddy.”

“We used to fight over who would get to ‘marry’ him,” she said.

Eisenman is now married to the kind of Godly man her father had prayed for and is following in her dad’s footsteps in more ways than one: A few years ago, she and her husband Nathanael Eisenman started their own wedding videography business.

Even though their career takes them all over the world filming precious moments for happy couples, there is one wedding video that Eisenman says she will always treasure.

“My dad was thinking of my wedding day and our Dady Daughter dance together since the day I was born. He spent my entire life dancing with me,” she wrote on YouTube in the caption of the film Ricketson had created.

“I will always cherish this video and the memories we created through the years by intentionally dancing together.”

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Now that she is a mom, she hopes to provide the same kind of support that her dad gave her.

“I’m so excited to follow in his footsteps and do this for my son,” she wrote.

Eisenman said that her father has lived up to the example he always hoped to set for her and her sisters, showing them Christ each and every day.

“Looking back on my life I notice him doing this often (making little moments into big ones),” she wrote on YouTube.

Ricketson shared on his YouTube channel that he was raised by a single mom and didn’t have a dad present in his life while he was growing up. However, he was thankful for the men who took the time to mentor him along the way, and now hopes to do the same for others on his YouTube channel.

Eisenman told The Western Journal that she and her dad are really close and they “now share a common passion for spreading the good news of Jesus” online with “Advice from Dad” and Eisenman and her husband’s channel, “Nate and Sutton.”

“Him and my mom gave me the greatest gift of my life by teaching me about the Lord!” she said.

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Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Laura Stewart was an associate story editor and news and lifestyle contributor for The Western Journal.
Phoenix, AZ