Dad Takes Pic of Daughter with Matthew Broderick. Family Screams When They See Who's in Background


I know I’m not the only one who has gone star-struck crazy after running into a famous person. The only thing you can think of in that moment is posing for a picture with the celebrity.

In excitement, sometimes you completely tune out what’s going on around you, and even then, everyone else around you.

That was the case for one dad’s experience a few years ago and he may still be beating himself up for it now.

In a viral Tweet that has gained 2,000 likes, user @HonoredSpirit detailed the moment their friend missed the perfect opportunity while snapping a fan pic.

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As the story goes, his friend was on a family vacation in Montauk, New York. Whether or not he was actively looking for an opportunity to bump into someone famous, he certainly found one.

While stopping at the store with his daughter, they ran into “The Producers” actor Matthew Broderick. The movie star was also accompanied by a friend dressed in a hat and sunglasses.

“So my friend politely asks Broderick if he will take a photo with his daughter,” wrote @HonoredSpirit. “Broderick gallantly obliges, but this is a once in a lifetime photo and he wants it to be just right.”

Once setting his shot outside of the store, the dad kindly asked Broderick’s friend to step out of the frame so he could take the picture. The guy did back up a bit but not enough to make the dad happy with the shot.

Determined to capture the perfect picture, the dad continued to motion the man to move further away out of view. After several attempts, the man was still in the frame, so the dad went ahead and took the photo.

He figured he would just later crop out the guy in the final photo. Little did he know, his photobomb would be the highlight of the picture.

Thrilled by the random meeting, the dad ran over to show the rest of his family who was waiting in the car. One look at the photo and the family couldn’t stop screaming after realizing who the person was in the background.

He wasn’t just some guy. Broderick’s friend was actually comedian Jerry Seinfeld!

Sad but true, the dad had no idea he was nudging away a superstar. Surely, Seinfeld knew his background pose would later help this man realize he missed out on an opportunity to take a picture with him too.

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“I can’t stop laughing at this!!” a Twitter user said. “I looove me some Jerry, but I may have been star struck by Matthew Broderick also!”

Another user nailed the situation by saying that “This is the most ‘Seinfeld’ thing that’s ever happened in real life.” They’re not wrong.

Well, Seinfeld was hanging out incognito, so maybe it’s not entirely the dad’s fault he didn’t recognize him. Regardless, his hilarious mistake may just haunt him for years to come!

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