Dead Koala Found Screwed to Pole at Park. Police Searching for Monster Who Did It


In Australia, koalas are an exciting sight to see for both natives and visitors. One of the things that makes them fascinating is their climbing skill.

They’re well-known for ascending trees, wooden posts, and anything that resembles the trunk of a tree.

For those of us who aren’t blessed to see koalas first-hand, there are tons of online videos and photos capturing these adorable creatures.

Warning: The following picture may be disturbing to some readers.

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So, when Koala Rescue Queensland Inc posted this photo on their Facebook page Wednesday, it appeared to be yet another image of a climbing koala at Brooloo Park in Queensland, Australia.

To everyone’s surprise, it was something much more sinister.

“All is not as it seems in this photo,” wrote the rescue organization.

“This poor koala has been screwed to the pole with building screws, he is deceased, but whether or not he was when cruelly attached to the structure is unknown.”

The post was shared more than 5,100 times by people who were clearly disgusted by the imagery. “There is something seriously wrong in the head of who ever has done this! Just shameful,” a person wrote.

Apparently, the male koala had sustained some head trauma. RSPCA investigators believed the animal may have been hit by a vehicle prior to the inhumane act, but weren’t certain.

Now that they had custody of the body, they hoped to find out how he died.

Investigators wondered if the “koala was already dead or whether it was still alive” at the time of the incident.

As cruel as it was, this was one of many cases where a koala has died at the hands of a monster. Rescuers in Australia have witnessed many others.

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Koala rescuer Murray Chambers said, “We’ve had koalas shot a few times. We’ve had them deliberately run over but this is the first time some nutcase has actually screwed a koala to a building.”

Once an autopsy has been done, detectives will be able to determine exactly what happened to the marsupial.

If evidence proves the animal was intentionally killed, the person will be charged with animal cruelty or worse.

All that is known as of now is that someone didn’t care about the life of this precious koala. They made a sick joke out of his death and needs to be caught before they think about striking again.

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