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Deputy Responds to 'Vicious Dog' Report, Sheriff's Office Cheekily Warns That Video Is 'Terrifying'


Plenty of horrible, heartbreaking dog attack stories have made it to the news lately, and most of the time the canine culprits are representatives from a small handful of breeds.

The link between publicized dog attacks and pit bulls is so strong that whenever people hear about a vicious dog, their minds immediately go to the bully breeds.

But not this time.

One Oklahoma sheriff’s deputy got the surprise of a lifetime when he responded to reports of an aggressive dog in the Deer Creek community. The resulting interaction was caught on bodycam video and shared online.

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When the Oklahoma County deputy first pulled up to the scene and spotted a barking dog, the relief in his voice was palpable.

“Please, let this be the vicious dog,” he said as he opened his door and got out of his car.

As soon as his door opened, a fierce, tinny yapping could be heard clearly, and the deputy chuckled.

“What up, Toto?” he said, referring to Dorothy’s famous pooch in “The Wizard of Oz.” “What’s up, Toto? Yap! Come on, little bit.”

The deputy casually strolled toward the barking dog, totally unbothered — because the vicious dog appeared to be some sort of tiny toy terrier breed or mixed breed.

Realizing that the two-pint pup was not a threat to him, the deputy was able to calmly usher the dog into the backyard of the property it appeared to be defending.

There was a small, telltale hole in the dirt under the gate, and after putting the still fiercely yapping guard dog into the yard, the deputy closed the gate and took some rocks from the front planter and placed them in the hole.

“This weekend, Deputies responded to a call about a vicious dog terrorizing neighbors in Deer Creek,” the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office posted on Monday.

“Brave deputies risked their lives to bring this call to a successful conclusion. Warning: The body camera video we have included is reminiscent of some of the more terrifying scenes in the movie ‘Cujo’, and could be disturbing to some viewers.”

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Viewers had some fun in the comments.

“Gotta watch those vicious little ones,” one person wrote. “They take the ankles first then work their way up..slow painful way to go.”

“I hope they get extra hazardous duty pay for this,” another wrote.

Others chimed in to thank the deputy for being kind and putting the dog back. Some, however, found the video in poor taste in light of recent maulings.

It’s true that any larger dog exhibiting this sort of behavior likely would be labeled a dangerous dog, but many small dogs are allowed to get away with bad manners and a vicious streak because they’re considered harmless or cute.

Thankfully, the deputy was confident and calm enough that the tiny terror didn’t cause any real trouble — but small dogs can still pose a real bite threat.

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