DeSantis Gives 5-Word Answer When Asked Point-Blank If He's Running for President


Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis laughed off a question Tuesday about his potential presidential ambitions and offered a cryptic response.

DeSantis is widely believed to be the lone candidate capable of defeating former President Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP primary. Trump has pre-emptively attacked his potential rival several times in recent months.

The governor cruised to re-election in November against Democrat Charlie Crist. He was asked about running for president during the pair’s lone debate last fall.

DeSantis declined to answer one way or another, opting to keep the conversation about serving Floridians.

Now, two Republican candidates are officially running, and DeSantis has become the elephant in the room.

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In Jacksonville on Tuesday, DeSantis was reminded former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley had just announced she was running for the GOP nomination.

A WJXT-TV reporter asked him if he would be the next person to enter the race.

“Nikki Haley announced her presidential run today,” the reporter noted. “Do you plan on following suit?”

DeSantis laughed and offered a cryptic response.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he said with a smile.

Many of those in attendance laughed, and the governor moved on from the topic.

Depending on what day and which pollster, DeSantis is routinely first or second in surveys about the upcoming primary race.

However, he has not outwardly expressed an interest in challenging Trump, who threw his hat into the ring immediately after the November midterm elections.

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The Republican base is divided on who should take the mantle of party leader, but a majority prefer Trump or DeSantis to another candidate – if you trust the polls.

The sooner DeSantis makes his decision, the better it will be for voters who are eager to see President Joe Biden replaced after a disastrous term in office.

But to answer the governor’s question, conservatives with a vested interest in who will lead the Republican Party going forward would definitely like to know his intentions.

Will DeSantis run for president?

They might be in for a long wait, however.

“DeSantis has his legislature gathering in Tallahassee for this term, and he’s telling would-be supporters that he won’t make any moves until this session ends in May,” Time magazine reported last month.

“That means DeSantis might not join the contest until June or even after the July 4 holiday.”

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