Detransitioner to 'Hold the Adults...Accountable': Announces Plan to Sue Hospital


The trans movement continues its push to indoctrinate and mutilate children with the help of doctors that see an opportunity to line their pockets with the money of confused and misled children.

Corrupt medical practitioners who profit from mutilating gender dysphoric patients may, however, be in for a rude awakening now that victims of this foul practice are beginning to demand justice.

Chloe Cole is one such victim that is seeking punitive damages from the doctors and affiliated medical groups that convinced her to undergo irreversible transitional surgeries and damaging hormonal therapy.

According to Blaze Media, Cole — who is now 18 years of age — was strongly convinced by doctors to undergo life-altering gender reassignment surgeries while she was a minor.

Blaze Media also stated that Cole is being represented by Dhillon Law Group and LiMandri & Jonna LLP and has given a 90-day notice of intent to sue Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals who Cole claims were all involved in the alleged medical fraud.

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The intent-to-sue letter sent by the Law Group stated, “…the hospital and medical group ‘performed, supervised, and/or advised transgender hormone therapy and surgical intervention for Chloe Cole when she was between 13-17 years old, which constitutes breach of the standard of care.'”

The tragic nature of Cole’s story deepens as the reader is told that Cole struggled with her gender identity when she was just nine years old according to the article.

No nine-year-old struggles with their gender identity without massive amounts of indoctrination and brainwashing being inflicted upon them, likely by radicalized public school teachers who are increasingly pushing the trans agenda into everyday curriculum.

Also, keep in mind that Cole was born and raised in California where the gay and trans movements have unfortunately flourished.

Should the doctors who perform the surgery be prosecuted?

Cole’s parents, unsure how to respond to their daughter’s increasing anxiety about her gender, decided to seek the opinions of medical professionals according to the article.

Cole described a disturbing lack of any “push back” from doctors who immediately suggested various surgeries (including a double mastectomy) and “inadequately studied” chemical treatments.

What is even more despicable is Cole claimed that the same medical professionals told her that she was at an extremely high risk of suicide if she didn’t undergo the transition according to Blaze Media.

These same doctors would be wholly aware of statistics that suggest a far higher rate of suicide and suicidal attempts by boys and girls who have undergone these surgeries.

According to a 2018 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics, around 14 percent of “straight” adolescents reported a previous suicide attempt.

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The study, by comparison, stated that “disparities by gender identity in suicide attempts were found” and that “Female to male adolescents reported the highest rate of attempted suicide (50.8 percent).”

So not only did these doctors lie to Cole about her statistical likelihood of suicide, they also suggested she take a course of action that would put her in a category that statistically sees the highest percentage of suicide attempts among transgender youths.

Cole underwent a double mastectomy as well as years of volatile chemical and hormonal treatments.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Cole said, “As an adult, I will never be able to breastfeed whatever children I will have. I don’t even know if, because I was put on puberty blockers and testosterone at only 13 years old, I don’t know if I’ll be able to conceive a child naturally.”

“I made an adult decision as a child,” Cole continued.

Cole’s hope with this lawsuit is to bring accountability to those involved in these vile practices and to bring awareness to others.

She told Carlson, “I want to hold the adults that put me in harm’s way accountable, because what happened to me is horrible, but it also didn’t only happen to me, that’s the worst part…It’s happening to children all over the U.S., all over the West, and it’s spreading all over the world.”

Let your prayers be with Cole as she now faces life mentally stable but physically mutilated by “professionals” who decided that money was more important than morality.

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