Detroit Police Chief Fires Back at Rep. Tlaib After Her Racism Accusations


Michigan Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s accusation that all police are racist didn’t sit well with everyone, particularly the police who protect and serve Tlaib and her constituents.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig fired back at Tlaib’s reckless comments during an interview Sunday with WJBK-TV, Fox 2 Detroit.

“If I made comments on par with hers, they’d be calling for my resignation,” Craig said. “I would love to see her resign. I’d throw her a goodbye party.”

“Let me just say this,” Craig added. “When you talk about abolishing police and incarceration and you talk about ‘safe cities,’ what do you think the residents in Detroit want?”

“Is she truly representing the people? Or is she representing a fringe group?”

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The scathing call-out came days after Tlaib issued an inflammatory Twitter Post regarding the apparently accidental death of Daunte Wright at the hands of police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, on April 11.

In the tweet, Tlaib claimed that American police are inherently racist and that all forms of policing and incarceration should be abolished.

Tlaib’s comments drew widespread ire from a nation currently beset by partisan violence and leftist extremism.

“Rashida Tlaib wants to release every child rapist from prison. She’s mentally unstable, unfit for office, and should be removed,” tweeted The Daily Wire columnist Matt Walsh.

Others were quick to point out the hypocrisy of Tlaib condemning police while the Capitol is surrounded by razor wire and thousands of National Guardsman.

“Rashida Tlaib is a US congresswoman surrounded by razor wire, National Guardsmen and police protecting her from a phantom menace,” tweeted The Federalist senior editor Christopher Bedford. “She just doesn’t want protection for you, your family or your community.

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If that weren’t a sickening enough display of privilege and hypocrisy, The Daily Caller reported on FEC filings this week that document how the progressive members of the “squad,” who have consistently championed defunding the police, have spent tens of thousands of dollars on private security in the last three months alone.

Should Rep. Tlaib resign over these remarks?

Tlaib’s idea to abolish the police is no more than an idea to destroy American society completely, and her hateful anti-police rhetoric will only contribute to a growing insurgency against the nation’s police and other first responders.

Craig knows it. Detroit knows it. Every honest American knows it.

Even the squad knows this. That’s why they pay top dollar for the very security they so desperately want to deprive working Americans of.

Tlaib is too dangerous and too inept to be a lawmaker. She needs to get out of Congress, and her comrades in the squad need to follow.

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