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Dog Becomes Hero Days After He's Returned To Shelter, Saves Litter of Abandoned Puppies


Grand Strand Humane Society staff are heaping praise on a shelter dog named Harold for saving the lives of an abandoned litter of puppies.

Finding a family has been a rocky road for Harold, a dark gray pit bull in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

He’d already been adopted and returned twice when finally, just before Christmas 2018, Harold was adopted yet again.

Volunteer staff celebrated as Harold walked triumphantly out the door and onto the next chapter of his life with a new family.

But less than a month later, Harold was returned to the GSHS a third time.

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GSHS staff and volunteers were left “shattered” at the sad turn of events, explaining that Harold did nothing wrong at his new home.

“It just simply wasn’t the right fit,” staff wrote on the GSHS Facebook page.

One night, within the week of Harold’s return, staff noticed that Harold started showing some odd behaviors while out on a walk.

“He kept returning to an area where we load and unload shelter supplies and donations,” staff wrote.

“He was circling, and refused to leave the side of a large Tupperware container that was sitting beside a truck bed.”

But Harold had a big reason for his strange behavior, and thanks to the attentiveness of a shelter volunteer, Harold was able to explain himself.

The volunteer tried to lead Harold back to the shelter, but he insisted on returning to the donation pile.

The volunteer followed Harold to see what all the fuss was about, and peered into the container that had Harold so fixated.

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Inside the container were six tiny puppies who had been abandoned at the shelter and so far had gone unnoticed by staff.

At that moment, staff realized that the heartache of Harold’s return seemed meant to be.

“It turned out to be a blessing in disguise,” staff wrote. “If Harold was not here with us at the shelter last night, there might be 6 less puppies sleeping soundly, nice and warm, with full bellies this morning.”

“Our sweet boy saved the day!!!” staff exclaimed. “He truly is a hero and six puppies owe their lives to him.”

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