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'Dog the Bounty Hunter' To Star in New Faith-Based Movie: Watch the Trailer Here

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Dog the Bounty Hunter has acquired quite the fanbase over the years. With eight seasons and nearly 200 episodes, countless viewers have watched Duane “Dog” Chapman hunt down the bad guys over the years.

Viewers have also watched him deal with great loss when his wife passed away in 2019. Chapman was no stranger to the limelight, and his grief was public.

As he’s taken time to process his heartbreak and reflect on the important things, he’s enjoyed some great successes. He’s engaged, and he will be featured in a new movie set to come out this fall.

The movie, once called “Hunting God” and now titled “Hunter’s Creed,” seems to have some parallels with Chapman’s own life, highlighting themes of faith, love, loss and hunting.

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“After losing his wife to cancer, Dave Bryant also lost his faith in God,” the IMDb page for the movie states. “In an effort to lift his spirits, Dave’s old church buddies convince him to participate in the hunting show they’ve always wanted to make together.”

“The group heads to a remote cabin and begins documenting their experiences. Before long, Dave senses a dark presence in the woods he’s convinced is stalking him. But the other guys have no idea what he’s talking about, and Dave begins to wonder if it’s all in his head.”

Will you see "Hunter's Creed"?

“The presence continues closing in, eventually bringing Dave face to face with death — and his faith.”

The film is directed by Justin Jackola, written by Ken Miyamoto and features Dog the Bounty Hunter as himself. Other actors include Ann Sonneville, Mickey O’Sullivan, John Victor Allen, James Errico, Wesley Truman Daniel and LaDios Muhammad.

“Casting Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman was the perfect addition to the project as he channels his own life experiences to the big screen,” said Yolanda Macias, Cinedigm’s executive vice president of acquisitions and digital sales, according to Deadline. “We look forward to bringing this unique take on the faith genre to viewers this fall.”

“It’s a film about seeking truth and finding yourself, and if you know anything about Dog’s personal story, you know he embodies exactly that,” director Justin Jackola said. “It’s not your everyday faith film.”

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“While there are parts of the film that evoke emotion and are relatable with loss, the scenes in the woods are a fresh take on a group of hunting buddies having fun mixed with some unexplainable elements that keep you on the edge of your seat.”

Currently due for release in October and labeled as drama, mystery and thriller, this film is sure to draw Chapman’s fans and promises a unique take on familiar themes.

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