Dog Found Nearly Dead on Road. It's What Was Just a Few Feet away That's the Real Story


It was Oct. 2016 when Stray Rescue of St. Louis received a phone call about a dog who had been severely beaten. The rescue team showed up to find police swarming the crime scene where the abused pup had been abandoned and left for dead.

Rescuers speculated that under ordinary circumstances, this dog never should have made it through the night.

But pacing back and forth just a few feet away was the likely reason the injured dog was still alive.

As the dog, later named Frann, lay paralyzed, crippled in pain and fear, she managed to keep fighting for her life. Beside her, offering solace and support, was another furry dog — and she wasn’t going to leave her friend’s side.

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The circumstances surrounding Frann’s horrific abuse story will always remain a mystery. Rescuers do not believe she was hit by a car — her injuries were more in line with a deliberate human attack.

An initial assessment of Frann was not good. Her spine was fractured in several places, and she had been strangled with a jump rope.

The second dog, named Fanny, watched Frann like a hawk during her medical examination.

As kind human hands worked their way over Frann’s traumatized body, Fanny was there, scrutinizing the vet’s every move like a quality control analyst.

Frann couldn’t walk, and would need expensive, emergency spinal surgery. Stray Rescue of St. Louis immediately launched a fundraising campaign to cover the massive cost of spinal surgery and subsequent rehabilitation for the paralyzed pup.

A nervous Fanny didn’t appreciate being left out when Frann was whisked off to surgery. But Fanny was happy to be included in Frann’s lengthy, grueling recovery.

After a few weeks, Frann was able to stand again, all by herself. By the end of November, Frann was taking her first few assisted steps!

But Frann’s recovery hit another hurdle when both she and Fanny contracted distemper. Having been strays, they were never vaccinated.

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Stray Rescue did everything they could to fight for the lives of both lovable dogs. While Frann was able to pull through and recover, Fanny succumbed to the illness and passed away shortly after witnessing her friend walk again.

As Frann lives with her loving forever family, she has an angel watching over her. Fanny was there for her in her most desperate hour, and would love knowing that her best buddy Frann, is happy, safe, and loved.

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