Ex-FBI Agent Warns Mueller About Integrity, Says He Must Step Aside


In the aftermath of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s termination, numerous officials have voiced their opinion on the decision.

One of those that seem to be in agreement with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ move is Kenneth Strange, who served the FBI as a member of the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Newark, New Jersey.

According to Strange, who also worked as the special agent in charge of the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General in Los Angeles, McCabe’s firing was “painful to witness,” as the deputy director had been let go just hours before he was eligible for retirement and “certain pension.”

However, the former FBI member suggested that the loss of the generous pension may be the least of McCabe’s worries.

Strange insisted that McCabe may be facing federal charges for “lying to other federal agents, charges that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller knows all too well and is wielding with great effect in the Russian collusion case.”

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“Still, I wonder about Mueller,” Strange wrote for The Hill. “McCabe, Peter Strzok and James Comey all are public servants who former FBI Director Mueller mentored, supervised or knew well.”

As Mueller has watched numerous co-workers come under fire for dishonesty — from Peter Stzork to James Comey — Strange suggests the failure of Mueller’s team may be taking a toll on the special counsel prosecutor.

“It has got to be hugely disappointing for Mueller to stand by and watch the people who he managed, who worked for and were loyal to him, and who he was fond of become a part of this train wreck,” Strange said.

“As a former supervisor, Mueller is accountable for those people he supervised — for the good and the bad,” he added. “How does he feel about it? We don’t know. He remains mute.”

Do you agree that Mueller should step aside?

Strange highlighted Mueller’s “stellar career,” from his time in the military to the Department of Justice and the FBI, where he played an insurmountable role in forwarding the FBI’s image in a turning point for the Bureau.

Mueller’s courage and unending service to America has also been noted, as Strange notes almost every official he has ever spoken to has nothing but praise for the prosecutor as a man of unwavering loyalty and integrity.

“But that was then and this is now,” Strange wrote, adding that one of Mueller’s first mistakes was adding Strzok as part of his team into both the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal as well as the Trump-Russia collusion case.

“It should have been one or the other,” Strange said. “That’s common sense.”

Though Mueller was given credit for removing Strzok from his team after it was realized he had been involved in less-than-virtuous conduct, Strange pointed out Mueller’s own reluctance to allow the news to become public — something that seemed out of character for Mueller to him.

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And the former FBI official suggested that, though Mueller’s team has worked to find “the goods” on numerous officials throughout Washington, history has shown Mueller is being perceived as “too close” to those who originally initiated the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy and therefore brought his own reputation into question.

“As it stands now, the credibility of the special’s counsel’s investigation is steadily eroding,” Strange wrote. “The longer it goes on with Mueller, the man behind the curtain, the less effective the investigation and its results.”

Strange said that the special prosecutor still has a chance to step aside and allow the investigation to continue with a prosecutor who lacks ties to figures such as Comey, Strzok and McCabe.

“Mr. Mueller, show the American people what my colleagues in law enforcement already know — that you are a man of great wisdom and integrity,” Strange said. “Do the honorable thing and recuse yourself from the Russian collusion investigation.”

“Step aside with dignity and let the investigation play itself out without any further controversy about you, the FBI and your team,” he added. “The American people deserve no less.”

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