Ex-FBI Asst. Director Acknowledges Gov't-Wide Anti-Trump Plot


As high-ranking officials in Washington continue to shift or be terminated entirely, one official claims there is an obvious answer: an internal plot that aides Hillary Clinton.

As reported by The Washington Examiner, former assistant FBI Director James Kallstrom stated on Sunday that the issue was part of a larger conspiracy to protect Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, though she ultimately lost.

“I think we have ample facts revealed to us during this last year and a half that high-ranking people throughout government, not just the FBI, high-ranking people had a plot to not have Hillary Clinton, you know, indicted,” Kallstrom suggested on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo.

Kallstrom, who had been with the FBI for 27 years, also claimed that numerous officials had a “scheme” to pin the blame on Trump for any alleged interference from Russia during the election.

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“They had a backup plan to basically frame Donald Trump and that’s what’s been going,” Kallstrom said.

The former FBI official added that this so-called “plot” to rig the 2016 campaign goes “right to the top,” insinuating that both former president Barack Obama and former CIA director John Brennan had been conspirators in it.

“It goes right to the top, and it involves that whole strategy. They were going to win (the 2016 election), nobody would ever know this stuff, and they just unleashed the intelligence community,” Kallstrom said.

“Look at the unmaskings? We haven’t even heard about that yet,” he added. “Look at the way they violated the rights of these American citizens?”

Do you believe that there was a plot against Trump?

Kallstrom further went on to cite text messages from Peter Stzrok, who had been the FBI counterintelligence chief before being dismissed himself, that allegedly prove there had been a “backup plan to frame Donald Trump” as a Russian agent.

“This whole thing is a total phony,” Kallstrom said about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia collusion.

“How would you feel … if someone had a phony scheme about you go on for months and months and months?” he asked.

Further pressure has increased on the current administration in terms of transparency as Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the termination of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe — whose own firing was similar to that of former FBI Director James Comey.

According to Sessions and Trump, McCabe was “dishonest” and lacked “integrity,” something Kallstrom suggested is rampant right now in Washington, especially in the handling of those he claims did nothing wrong.

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“I hope Gen. Flynn sues a lot of people because he was handled so bad,” Kallstrom said about Michael Flynn, who had resigned only weeks into Trump’s administration taking office. “He didn’t lie to the FBI. They didn’t even interview him about a crime. He was in his legal authorized mode when all that happened.”

Kallstrom insisted that, though there are numerous other lawmakers and officials in Washington that have committed felonies, Gen. Flynn was never one of them.

“They’ve ruined [Flynn] — and because they threatened his son, you know, they bankrupted this guy that gave his life to this country,” he added. “Just the whole dealings. Look how they dealt with the IRS? There are so many things they have done badly.”

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