Exclusive: Conservative Hollywood Star Nick Searcy Talks Jan. 6 and the Government's Attempted Cover-Up


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The message of “Capitol Punishment,” a new documentary about the truth behind Jan. 6, is that Americans should no longer stay silent while their rights are threatened.

As such, the 1984 Twisted Sister anthem, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” was the perfect song for the lighthearted final scene.

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Producer Nick Searcy talked to Dee Snider, who wrote the song and served as the frontman during Twisted Sister’s heyday. Snider himself had no problem with his song appearing in the film, Searcy said.

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However, Snider sold the rights to 69 of his songs, including “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” to Universal Music Publishing Group in 2015, reported. That meant “Capitol Punishment” producers had to obtain UMPG’s permission to use the song.

In an exclusive interview with The Western Journal, Searcy said he asked UMPG’s permission back in April when the documentary was set to be called “The Trouble with Free Speech.” The group sent an official contract for Searcy to sign about seven months later as the film was nearing its release.

“What happened was on, I believe Nov. 11th, they sent me an approval with a contract to sign and instructions on where to send the check. And I did that. I signed the contract, mailed the check off,” he said.

As the filming went on, the direction of the film began to change. Searcy said the vision became more about the stories of people who were arrested or otherwise mistreated by the federal government even though they “really did nothing wrong.”

Should UMPG have allowed the song to be used?

The title “Capitol Punishment” fit the movie much better, but UMPG was not happy when they saw a trailer just one day after Searcy signed the contract.

“They wrote me back and said, ‘We saw the trailer and this is not what we thought the film was going to be about,'” he said. “And I explained to them … that as documentary films do, they change as you go along when you find out what the story really is.

“But they basically said, ‘We don’t want this music being played under apologies for Jan. 6 defendants.’ So basically, they took the rights of the song away because they objected to the content of the film.”

Searcy said this was particularly ironic given UMPG’s explanation that they thought the film was based around the First Amendment.

“The funniest part of that is that they said they took the rights to the song away because they thought the film was going to be about free speech,” he said. “I just sort of wrote them back and then said, ‘OK, I’ll take the song out, and now you’ve really made it about free speech.'”

While Searcy did comply with their request to remove the song from the movie, he thought of a clever workaround that UMPG could not prohibit.

“I told them exactly what I was going to do,” Searcy said. “I said, ‘I’m going to take the song out and I’m going to put the card up in the movie that says why we had to take the song out.

“‘And then I’m going to keep the picture the same with everybody singing the song, but it’ll just be a drum track where they follow the bouncing ball and I’m going to have everybody sing the song at home.’ And so that’s what we did.”

As an added safety precaution to protect from lawsuits, Searcy said the producers removed the vowels from the song lyrics. While he was disappointed with UMPG’s decision, he was not surprised a mainstream company would side with the left.

“They don’t want to coexist with people that disagree with them about whatever it is — COVID, you know, Russia collusion, whatever, Jan. 6,” Searcy said.

“Whatever the lie is, anybody that disagrees with that lie, they don’t want to have anything to do with them.”

Despite efforts to suppress “Capitol Punishment,” it has been released so that you can know the truth. Be sure to get your copy now.

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