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Family Photo Shoot Goes Hilariously Wrong When Toddler Dives into Filthy Pond

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Family photos become especially important as the summer begins to fade. Many people enjoy the colors of fall and want to prepare for the holiday season and all its family get-togethers and photo cards by getting their family photos squared away before Christmas panic sets in.

The Mizzles family planned their photo shoot for late August, working with photographer Jasmine Tamlin in a beautiful pondside location near a church.

Haleigh and Matthew knew their kids were cantankerous, so they had to keep an eye on their three little ones — but especially their 2-year-old, Lincoln.

The photographer managed to catch plenty of lovely moments between the parents and their kids, even snapping a few of the typical squirming, unhappy moments when the two youngest boys tired of posing and smiling.

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But it was using the pond as a backdrop that proved to be the final straw.

“We laid out a blanket with snacks and set [the children] on it,” Haleigh told Inside Edition. “[We] went only a few feet away and started taking a few shots. We then noticed Lincoln get up fast and start running toward the pond.”

And Lincoln headed right for the pond — mud, weeds and all. The photographer alerted the Mizzles to his wandering, but by the time they caught up he was nearly waist-deep in muck.

“He said he wanted a ‘drink-y’ and then he said he was hot,” Matthew explained to KLTV.

“He is always getting into something since he was born,” Haleigh added. “He keeps us on our toes.”

Everyone took it in stride, and Tamlin posted the photos online in all their real-life glory.

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“While the session ended with a surprise swim lesson, I did manage to get some pretty beautiful photos of this sweet family!” she posted on Aug. 23.

“Family photo shoot gone wrong,” Haleigh posted on Aug. 23, also sharing the photos. “And the award for ‘I bet I can be a worse toddler than the rest of them’ goes to Lincoln Mizzles. He jumped in the pond during our photo shoot. Good job bubby, you outdid yourself dude. 100% not scripted.”

Viewers have found the images completely relatable, and are laughing along with the family.

“That’s the greatest, and craziest, and funniest thing that’s happened on one of my shoots,” Tamlin said. “The fact that they were able to just laugh about it says a lot about their family, too.”

Dad was the one who waded in after the little tyke — fitting, because according to his wife, he was just as rambunctious when he was a toddler, bringing the whole thing full-circle.

“It was funny ’cause that is just how boys are,” Haleigh explained. “His father was a handful as a child as well.”

Since they hadn’t had a family photo shoot since their youngest, Beckham, had been born, this was the family’s first attempt at a family photo all five of them.

“We were testing the waters,” Matthew said.

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