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Family Shocked After Learning How Toddler Accidentally Made $1,700 Purchase

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Ayaansh Kumar is a prime example of the technological skills that pandemic babies have developed over the past two years as they’ve been at home, especially if they have parents or older siblings who frequently use their personal electronic devices.

Some may consider those skills a blessing and others a curse, but the Kumars find it hilarious — if expensive.

That’s because Ayaansh, a mere 22 months old, managed to access his mother’s phone, find items in her Walmart cart and complete the checkout process on Walmart, initiating over $1,700 of deliveries to the family home.

Parents Pramod and Madhu Kumar didn’t realize anything was amiss until packages started arriving at their house in Middlesex Count, New Jersey.

“We have 10 to 12 big, big packages here now,” Madhu Kumar told Fox News.

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Perplexed as the items started to arrive, Madhu asked Pramod if he’d made the purchase.

“My wife was asking me, ‘Did you order something without checking with me?’” Pramod said.

The items in Madhu’s cart had been saved for later while they mused over their selections, wondering if the furniture — including accent chairs, flower stands and various other household items — would be a good fit for their new home.

Ayaansh decided they were and ordered more than necessary for good measure. When the parents realized what must have happened, they were surprised but still saw the humor in it.

“This came as a surprise to us, as we never thought that he would place that many orders,” Pramod said. “We have been getting packages all week now and are running out of space in our home. Today we got two more big packages.

“These are accent chairs in very big packages. I can’t even lift some of them.”

“Actually, we needed only 2-4 chairs — but, you know, there were so many items in the online shopping cart, and our son went there and clicked ‘order’ for all of them,” Madhu explained. “So he bought 10-12 chairs.

“He placed all of the orders, and I didn’t see my email until days later. Soon the packages started arriving.”

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The toddler’s impulsive shopping spree has left the parents in a quandary over what to do with the items.

“Initially we were thinking we would return everything,” Pramod said. “But now, after this news has made so many people laugh and made them smile — and especially during this bad time of COVID, and all of these other things going on — we are just very happy that this is making people laugh.

“So we want to keep some of the items our son ordered as a memory.

“We are still figuring it out. Walmart has a good return policy, so we are hopeful.”

It wasn’t the only time Ayaansh demonstrated his technological prowess. While being interviewed by an NBC New York reporter, he managed to close out a calendar app and send an email to the reporter’s mom on the reporter’s phone.

“Moving forward, we will put tough passcodes or face recognition so when he picks up the phone he finds it in locked condition,” Pramod told WNBC-TV.

“Maybe this is because our littlest one is a COVID baby,” he added. “He’s seen so much of the virtual gadget world ever since he was born.”

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