GOP Lawmakers Launch Legislative Blitz Aimed at Exposing Joe Biden


A group of GOP lawmakers in the House of Representatives has launched an aggressive initiative to expose President Joe Biden’s alarming coziness with China and to counter his sycophantic enabling of the ruthless Chinese Communist Party.

The multiyear legislative blitz is being led by Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana, the chairman of the Republican Study Committee.

Unlike former President Donald Trump (whom the CCP feared), Biden cannot be trusted to be tough on China, Banks told Breitbart News.

Accordingly, he says it is up to the RSC to hold Biden’s feet to the fire so he puts Americans first instead of last. This is especially important because the establishment media refuse to scrutinize the doddering 78-year-old career politician.

“The Biden administration has lifted almost every single tough action the Trump administration took on China and has already demonstrated a clear pattern of going back to the tried and failed strategy of supporting China’s rise,” Banks told Breitbart.

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“It’s not enough to compete with China, we must continue President Trump’s approach to confront China,” the congressman said.

Banks said the gullible Biden foolishly buys the CCP’s dubious talking point that it wants to “partner” with the United States when in reality, its goal is to usurp the U.S. as the dominant world power.

Will Biden continue to be soft on communist China?

“The Chinese Communist Party is not a partner, it’s the greatest threat to the U.S. and worldwide freedom and prosperity, and if we fail to treat them as such, we will reap severe consequences,” he remarked.

The Republican Study Committee’s plan to expose and combat Biden’s softness on China involves introducing at least 17 pieces of legislation over the course of his presidency and calling him out every time he bends the knee to the CCP.

In a six-page memorandum, the RSC noted that in the 27 days since he was installed as president, Biden has already taken numerous “disastrous steps to undo President Trump’s success in countering China.”

These missteps include:

  • Re-entering the U.S. into the World Health Organization even though it has tried to cover up the Chinese origins of the coronavirus.
  • Allowing China and other foreign adversaries to access or own parts of the U.S. power grid.
  • Rejoining the U.N. Human Rights Council even though it includes repeat human rights offender China.
  • Withdrawing a proposed rule that would have required American universities to disclose their partnerships with the CCP-funded Confucius Institutes, which indoctrinate students with communist propaganda.
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The RSC compared Trump’s boldness in confronting China with Biden’s slavish coddling of the communist regime, which was a continuation of the Barack Obama administration’s policy of appeasement toward foreign adversaries who want to destroy us.

“President Donald J. Trump was the first President to take on Communist China in a generation,” the RSC wrote in its memo.

“The Trump administration confronted China head on for stealing U.S. intellectual property, infiltrating the U.S. education system, hijacking international organizations, and spreading disinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic,” it said. “President Trump strategically strengthened our alliances in the Indo-Pacific through American leadership.”

RSC Biden China by The Western Journal on Scribd

In contrast, the RSC said, “the Biden team so far has exhibited a pattern of weakness, and a return to Obama’s failed approach of engaging rather than holding China accountable for its bad behavior.”

The RSC said Biden’s nauseating cravenness toward China as vice president from 2009 to 2016 emboldened China to continue its rampant theft of U.S. intellectual property and caused the CCP to become “more aggressive internationally and more repressive against its own people.”

The Democratic Party and its left-wing media minions have falsely claimed that it’s “racist” and “xenophobic” to assert the fact that COVID-19 originated in China.

If anything, it’s racist for the Democrats and the establishment media to suggest that criticizing communist China is akin to denouncing all Chinese people, since many Chinese despise the CCP.

Last year, attorney and China expert Gordon Chang warned that the CCP had launched an aggressive propaganda campaign aimed at sinking the U.S. economy and blaming the United States for the Wuhan coronavirus.

Chang, who’s Chinese-American, is a senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute. He previously lived and worked in mainland China and Hong Kong for 20 years.

“The Communist Party is very sensitive about its secrecy — that it covered up the virus,” Chang told former Fox Business host Lou Dobbs last March.

“So what the Party is trying to do is find an enemy. The political system in China has identified the U.S. as an enemy. And that’s why it’s important for President Trump to make it clear this virus came from China.”

Throughout 2020 and even today, anti-Trump leftists and their media minions have rabidly parroted the CCP talking point that simply saying COVID-19 came from China is racist.

However, Chang said Trump’s factual statement attributing the origin of the coronavirus to China was not racist.

“I’m a Chinese-American. I don’t see any racism in what President Trump is trying to do,” he said in March. “What I see is a president defending the United States of America against a dangerous, hostile, communist regime.”

As for Biden, Chang said the Chinese don’t need to lift a finger to convince the Democrat to do their bidding. Why? Chang said it’s because Biden is already “giving them what they want, and they are not even having to ask.”

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