Handcuffed Teen Screams for Help as Cop Collapses and Starts Losing Consciousness


Police officers have to deal with criminals of all ages. Juveniles, in particular, face punishment just like any other lawbreaking citizen.

When caught, these offenders are arrested and booked into jail for their crimes. While law enforcement doesn’t always go easy on these youngsters, there is hope they will learn to change their lives around for the better.

Cops at the police station in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, have reason to celebrate one teen’s small act of redemption. Jamal Rutledge, 17, was captured on surveillance video Sept. 10, 2014, doing something unexpected.

Detained and handcuffed, the teen was about to be booked into the facility for charges including probation violation. Sitting over at his desk was Officer Franklin Foulks, 49, doing all the paperwork.

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As Rutledge turned to look through the security fence, Foulks suddenly collapsed onto the floor, clutching his chest. That’s when the juvenile started to panic.

In the footage, Rutledge is shown pacing in distress. After screaming for help, police officers finally ran over to Foulks who was starting to lose consciousness.

Rutledge was transferred to another room as three officers tried saving their colleague. Once Sergent Todd Bunin cut open Foulks’s shirt, Officer Robert Norvis administered CPR.

Officer Raymond Ketchmark also arrived on scene. He brought with him a defibrillator, which was used to shock Foulks’s heart.

Fire Rescue paramedics soon arrived to transport Foulks to Broward Health Medical Center. Doctors claimed that Rutledge’s actions played a big part in saving the cop’s life.

Foulks was placed on “light duty” but expected to return to normal work in due time. He later posed in a press photo with the men who came to his rescue, which also included their unlikely hero, Rutledge.

Although he has been arrested several times since that day, the troubled delinquent was soon honored at the city commission alongside the other officers. There was hope still left for Rutledge and maybe this was the starting point to making better decisions in life.

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