Is This Health Care? Five Times Abortionists Were Caught Hoarding Aborted Baby Body Parts


Abortionists claim they are legitimate health care workers who safeguard women’s bodily autonomy.

But hoarding the body parts of unborn victims is more reminiscent of a serial killer than a medical provider.

While not every abortionist has taken part in the industry’s fetal hoarding trend, it has happened often enough to raise alarm.

During the 47th annual Northeast Indiana March for Life Prayer Gathering on Jan. 23, the brother-in-law of abortionist Ulrich Klopfer, who operated a clinic in South Bend, Indiana, shared his story of discovering the thousands of fetal remains Klopfer had stored at his home and in his car.

Mark, who has said he prefers that his last name not be publicized, said what he found is evidence that abortion is a “hidden, deadly, dirty industry.”

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There are numerous examples of abortionists hoarding the bodies of unborn children, and Klopfer is far from the only one. Many others have also been caught treating fetal remains like trophies, a trend that is to be expected in an industry that kills innocent humans for profit.

Ulrich Klopfer Hoarded the Bodies of Aborted Children

After Klopfer died in September 2019, he left behind more than 2,000 fetal remains for his family to discover when sorting through his belongings.

Does the abortion industry exploit the bodies of women and children?

“I opened up a box, and I reached in there and pulled out a bag full of liquid. And by the time I picked the third bag out of there, I realized what it was, and I don’t even know how to explain the reaction,” Mark said. “My son, I showed him, and I said, ‘I think these are babies.’”

As Live Action reported, the family notified the police, and after some investigation, authorities discovered that the hoarded bodies were two decades old. Not only did Klopfer keep aborted body parts in his house in Will County, Illinois, but police also found a collection of “disintegrating” remains in a vehicle he had stored at a gated lot.

Over a year since the incident, WBBM-TV in Chicago is releasing photos of what police saw when they searched through all the places where Klopfer had kept his stash of aborted children. According to the report, it took 50 members of the Will County Sheriff’s Department to clear out the garage, a case as unimaginable as it was horrifying.

“In the 31 years I’ve been in this job, I’ve never seen anything like this. Ever,” Sheriff Mike Kelley said. “Hundreds and hundreds of boxes. We had to go through to make sure there were no more fetal remains.”

Kermit Gosnell and His ‘House of Horrors’

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The discovery of Klopfer’s collection of aborted body parts is reminiscent of what investigators found when they raided the Philadelphia abortion facility owned by Kermit Gosnell. The abortionist was found responsible for one woman’s death and multiple infants born alive at an unsanitary clinic he operated for years.

Similar to Klopfer, Gosnell also had a penchant for hoarding fetal remains.

As The Philadelphia Inquirer reported back in 2013, Gosnell kept the severed feet of babies in jars. He supposedly told his staff that he kept them for identification purposes, but a fetal development expert who testified at the abortionist’s murder trial refuted this, saying there is no valid reason to store the feet of aborted children.

Michael Roth’s Containers of Human Tissue

In another case involving fetal hoarding, this time from 2015, authorities found multiple containers of aborted children inside Michigan abortionist Michael Roth’s car after a traffic accident in 2015.

A police incident report revealed that, along with various controlled substances, Roth had “15 containers of suspected human tissue” in his vehicle.

Renee Chelian’s Freezer of Unborn Babies

Footage obtained by the Center for Medical Progress in 2015 and reposted online by Students for Life of America featured abortionist Renee Chelian during a panel on fetal disposition cavalierly discussing how to dispose of aborted remains.

“I had five months’ worth of fetal tissue in freezers, and we were renting freezers to put them in. It was all I thought about,” Chelian said in the video.

“I was so consumed with fetal tissue, I was ready to drive to Upper Michigan and have a bonfire. And I was just trying to find out how I wouldn’t get stopped, or how far into the woods I would have to go to have this fire that nobody was going to see me.”

To be fair, Chelian does not appear to have been storing the remains as some sort of trophy. It is worth asking, however, what sort of respectable health care office would allow the bodies of human beings to be treated so callously.

Unknown Abortionist’s Collection of 17,000 Preborn Children

In 1982, The Associated Press reported that approximately 17,000 preborn children were found inside a repossessed storage container in Los Angeles. The babies, many of whom were over 20 weeks gestation, were stored at a medical lab that received aborted remains from several states.

Their bodies were discovered after the company sent a crew to repossess the container due to a lack of payment, and the workers detected a foul smell coming from within. Since the container was too heavy for them to move, they tried to empty it, and that was when they finally saw the bodies.

“I couldn’t believe — just little bitty babies … all torn to pieces. The heads chopped off — arms, legs,” said one of the men who found the bodies. “It just makes you sick seeing something like that. Really, you know, makes you want to cry to see something like that.”

Abortion Is Exploitation, Not Health Care

The abortion industry acts as if it works on behalf of women by providing reproductive health care services. But legitimate health care providers do not deliberately take the lives of innocent human beings and collect their remains.

Even if abortionists are not hoarding fetal body parts the way Klopfer and others did, there are still thousands of tiny bodies disposed of at abortion facilities every day.

The magnitude of what abortion has cost the country is evident through the remains of its many victims. Abortion is not about choice, and it is not about health care.

These children were human, and humans have bodies. Instead of being poisoned, suctioned or dismembered, they deserved a chance at life.

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Samantha Kamman is an associate staff writer for The Western Journal. She has been published in several media outlets, including Live Action News and the Washington Examiner.
Samantha Kamman is an associate staff writer for The Western Journal. She has been published in several media outlets, including Live Action News and the Washington Examiner.