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Hilarious Video: How To Teach Your Grandchildren To Eat Spaghetti


As a society, we have developed a variety of ways to eat things that would likely shock and offend experts.

There are also manners and cultural differences that greatly complicate the matter of eating.

And then there are ways of eating things that are just for fun — especially when children are at the table.

Putting smiley faces on pancakes, wearing olives on fingers and cutting hot dogs into octopuses are just a few of the ways parents and grandparents have entertained their young charges and coaxed them to eat.

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Spaghetti is a staple food for many people, enjoyed by young and old alike, and the most exciting it gets is generally when it’s spiced up with meatballs or you accidentally dump too much Parmesan cheese on top.

But this video has a clever hack that grandparents everywhere will enjoy.

On July 26, Roger Provost posted the short video with the caption, “How to teach your grandkids to eat spaghetti!”

The clip opens to an older woman sitting at the table, a plate of spaghetti before her.

She swirls some of the noodles around her fork in her right hand while poised with a spoon in her left — but it’s a bait and switch.

Once the spaghetti is in her mouth, she drops the silverware and begins turning her ears like cranks, slurping up the spaghetti with each twist to make the eating look nearly mechanical.

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It’s a simple trick and one that’s sure to keep the little ones occupied.

It may also result in more laundry depending on the coordination of the little ones who attempt to mimic the move, which is probably why this video is aimed at the grandparents and not the parents.

The post has been reacted to over 47,000 times and has elicited over 13,000 comments from amused viewers — a large number of which identify themselves as grandparents looking to test out this method with their own grandbabies.

It’s also made the rounds on Reddit, where viewers have commented “This is the kind of grandma everyone needs” and “I dont know who this woman is, but I admire her,” as well as gotten into a rather protracted discussion on the offensiveness of eating spaghetti with a spoon or cutting it with scissors.

This is a cute trick, though, and one that has no doubt seen an uptick in usage since the video was circulated.

Does this look like something you or someone you know would try?

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