Hillary Clinton Compared Pro-Lifers to Terrorists and War Criminals - Look What Happened at a Catholic Center 2 Days Later


A pro-life student group received what it called a “death threat” Saturday morning, two days after former first lady Hillary Clinton compared similar activists to war criminals on PBS.

“This morning in Nebraska our team arrived for our [Students for Life Action] Poltical Leadership Workshop where we are gathering activists from across the state to strategize about how to use @studentsforlife’s Campaign for … Abortion Free Cities to shut down the late-term abortion facility in the state,” Students For Life Action President Kristan Hawkins posted on Twitter over the course of two separate tweets Saturday morning.

“When we arrived, a death threat via guns from Jane’s Revenge was posted on the door,” she explained. “We’ve called the police and are scrambling to make it safe.”

The letter, addressed to to St. John Paul II Newman Center’s director, Father Dan Andrews, was signed by the radical pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge.

“Dear Dan Andrews,” the handwritten note read, “If our right to abortion in Bellevue is taken away due to the attempt to pass an abortion ban and it gets passed we will shoot up your Newman center with our new AR14 rifles. Sincerely, Jane’s revenge [sic].”

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Under Nebraska law, I’m not sure whether threatening to shoot up the facility, located on the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s Scott Campus and self-described on its website as “a home base for students looking to grow spiritually and socially through connection” and “a dedicated space for all college students in Omaha to hang out, meet lifelong friends, study, and grow closer to Jesus,” constitutes the “death threat” that Hawkins claimed it was, but it’s certainly something to be taken seriously, and law enforcement was investigating.

KETV said that some students lived at the facility, and that security in the area would be increased.

“This obviously causes us great concern. Our number one priority is the safety of our students,” Andrews said. “[W]e are thankful for UNO Police’s prompt response and attention to this threat.”

UNO’s Department of Public Safety told KETV that it was working with the Omaha Police Department and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the “threat of violence.”

A second note, also threatening violence and purporting to come from the same extremist group, was found at Omaha’s Christ Community Church — about five miles away — later that day, Fox News reported.

“Friends, earlier today, CCC staff found a threatening note taped to an outside door at CCC,” the church said in a message to members Saturday evening, according to Fox News. “The note claims to be from the abortion rights extremist group, Jane’s Revenge, and makes threats against our Lead Minister and the church relating to an abortion policy discussion taking place in the City of Bellevue. At least one other Omaha church received a similar letter. We take the threats seriously and filed a report with the City of Omaha Police Department, and are cooperating with their ongoing investigation.”

Two days earlier, Hillary Clinton had publicly compared pro-life activists with rapists in war zones.

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[W]e are also in a period of time where there is a lot of pushback, and much of the progress that has been, I think, taken for granted by too many people is under attack — literally under attack in places like Iran or Afghanistan or Ukraine where rape is a tactic of war, or under attack by political and cultural forces in a country like our own when it comes to women’s health care and bodily autonomy,” Clinton said during a Thursday interview with Christiane Amanpour on PBS’s “Amanpour and Company.”

Ironically, the PBS interview is viewable only by subscribers — I guess the P in PBS stands for “paywall” now — but you can see the pertinent video clip at LifeNews.

“Please, please don’t listen to this evil woman,” Tyler, Texas, Bishop Joseph Strickland tweeted Friday evening over a picture of Clinton in response to that interview. “Her lies and immorality need to be silenced for the good of humanity.”

That tweet doesn’t appear to be intended as a death threat, but it’s good evidence that the left doesn’t have have a patent on unwise rhetoric — though the left sometimes seems more fond of it.

“From here forward, any anti-choice group who closes their doors, and stops operating will no longer be a target. But until you do, it’s open season, and we know where your operations are,” a letter from Jane’s Revenge dated June 14 read, according to Fox News.

Fox reported that a study by the Crime Prevention Research Center identified 135 “attacks against pro-life organizations” between May 3 — when the draft of the the Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked — through Sept. 24, compared to only six against pro-choice supporters.

Which is only logical, if you stop and think about it: Why would anyone who advocates murdering innocent babies stop short of threatening adults, too?

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