Homeless Man Returns Family's Stolen Camper After Realizing Their Dog Died


Certain items in our lives hold sentimental value that just can’t be replaced. When they’re lost or stolen, it can be completely heartbreaking.

For one family in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, it was an absolute shock when one of their most prized possessions went missing.

According to KFOR-TV, the Soraya family owns an apartment renovation company located in an industrial area.

They were left devastated after finding out their factory was ransacked over the holiday season.

The thief, who they think may have been quite familiar with the building’s layout, took $100,000 worth of supplies, including three trailers.

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And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the person also stole the family’s personalized camper.

Casey Soraya said the small RV was once revamped and used for family vacations with their dogs.

“We had one of our dogs die unexpectedly two years ago,” she said. “For us, those are our personal memories and that is all we have left from our dogs because we don’t have kids, the dogs are pretty special.”

The vehicle’s renovations were inspired by the deceased pup. It was just one of those things that had a special place in their hearts.

In an effort to get it back, the Sorayas offered a $1,000 reward to anyone willing to help. And thanks to KFOR-TV, the word got out fast.

A homeless man named Christian Satterfield said he remembered watching the news segment while at a friend’s house.

He quickly contacted police after seeing “a truck dumping the camper in a parking lot.”

As a thank you, the family gave Satterfield the $1,000. Apparently, he had no idea there was a cash reward, but was left in tears by their kindness.

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“He’s just a wonderful kind-hearted person,” Casey said of Satterfield, who’s also a dog-lover himself. “We’re just so incredibly grateful to him and his honesty and his efforts.”

Several items were stolen from the family’s classic camper, including an iPad.

The police have taken it for fingerprints in hopes to find the person responsible for the break-in.

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