Huckabee Crushes Cher for Attacking His Daughter Sarah's Appearance


Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee let singer Cher have it after she took aim at his daughter, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ wardrobe.

Cher, 71, wrote on Twitter that someone needed to tell Sanders to stop dressing like a “sister wife,” along with a photo of two women dressed in puritanical dresses.

Huckabee had the ultimate response, pointing out that Cher should be the last person handing out fashion advice.

“Of all the people to give fashion advice on how to professionally dress like a business person, are you serious, Cher? You’re going to be the one?” he said.

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“The person who dresses like a cigarette girl at a casino on stage? And you’re going to tell my daughter how to dress? I just find that laughable and utterly out of touch and what kind of lala land do these celebrities live in,” he continued.

Huckabee also said the way his daughter dresses is more in touch with the majority of the American people, which is true. Especially in comparison to the things Cher wears.

Take a look at Huckabee’s response below:

Do you agree with Huckabee?

It’s hard to argue with Huckabee. Many on Twitter agreed with him, and took time to share some of Cher’s most outrageous outfits:

It is not surprising that Cher would attack Sanders. After all, Sanders is an incredibly successful, strong conservative woman who defies the leftist stereotype. In fact, she stands for values that feminists tend to diametrically oppose. She is also a professional who handles her job well, especially considering the hoards of haters she faces every time she speaks with the media.

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Democrats attack the press secretary regularly, but for Cher of all people too criticize Sanders’ clothing style is especially absurd.

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