Huckabee Goes All In For NRA With Bombshell Statement On Fox


After President Donald Trump’s meeting Wednesday with the National Rifle Association and lawmakers from both parties in Washington, the debate on gun control continues.

Speaking with Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Features,” former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was just one of many to weigh in with his opinion on what he feels lawmakers should stick to when it comes to bills regarding the Second Amendment right.

“I think the big question is when we talk about gun control, exactly what are we talking about?” Huckabee began. “Are we talking about making it so law-abiding, legal citizens who own a firearm who have never committed a crime and who have really no inclination to commit a crime?”

“Are we going to restrict them or are we going to go after the people we need to be worried about?” he added. “The people who have a mental illness, the people who have made threats. Why would a new law suddenly matter when the old laws that aren’t being followed haven’t yet changed the course of human behavior?”

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The former governor admitted that updating and tightening the current laws that prohibit unlawful citizens from owning firearms is “reasonable,” and that many Americans would likely agree to it.

Trump’s meeting with lawmakers left many speculating that the commander-in-chief was searching for a way to modify the current laws regarding mental health and background checks.

And Huckabee himself cited the multiple failures of the FBI in taking complaints seriously against Parkland, Florida, shooter Nikolas Cruz. Over 40 calls were made about his behavior, yet no preventative action was taken to stop his shooting spree that left 17 dead.

“What is it that’s conditioning these kids to do these murders?” Huckabee asked before going on to reference violence in movies and TV shows.

Do you agree with Huckabee?

In the Wednesday meeting, the president suggested officials in law enforcement should be able to confiscate citizens’ firearms without a court order as a preventative measure against possible tragedies.

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said, adding that he was an obvious fan of the Second Amendment, but that lawmakers “have to stop this nonsense.”

Others in Washington have expressed similar sentiments as they call for stricter gun laws to prevent tragedies such as the Florida shooting, with Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy suggesting that the White House will eventually “bob and weave on guns.”

“Trump’s instinct on this issue is not wrong — if his party doesn’t get behind background checks soon, they’re cooked in 2018 and 2020,” Murphy said.

The Connecticut senator added that Trump’s “willingness to buck the gun lobby in public, rule out the NRA agenda and talk up background checks has changed this debate nationally.”

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According to CNBC, the president has also admitted to wanting to issue an executive order banning the use of bump-stock devices, which have the ability to enable guns to fire like automatic weapons.

Although the controversy continues, those that have been affected by school shootings such as Nicole Hockley, who lost a child at Sandy Hook, remain optimistic as they continue to add their voice into the mix.

“By listening to President Trump’s words I do feel he is committed to finding a way forward and he is committed to putting a plan together,” said Hockley, who has attended two White House meetings with Trump. “I don’t know what the content will be.”

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