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Husband Becomes 'Human Chair' After Strangers at Hospital Refuse To Give Up Seat for Pregnant Wife


A husband from China has been praised for the ingenious way he created a chair for his heavily pregnant wife when nobody else would give up their seat.

Police from Hegang, a city in the province of Heilongjiang in Northeast China, released video footage of the man and woman who were waiting inside a crowded hospital.

The woman was very pregnant and visibly uncomfortable, but all the immediately available seats were occupied.

The men and women surrounding the woman were staring head down at their phone screens, seemingly unaware or indifferent to the woman who looked as though she could really use somewhere to rest.

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According to the Daily Mail, police originally released the video on the Chinese video platform Douyin on Sunday.

The police officials criticized the bystanders for their rudeness but praised the husband for the selfless act of kindness he showed to his wife.

In the video, the pregnant woman is seen standing uncomfortably in the waiting area, hands rubbing her aching back.

When nobody offered up their seat, her husband lowered himself to the ground and invited his wife to sit down on his back.

She agreed, and sat down on top of his back, hands holding onto a nearby railing.

She slapped her legs several times, seemingly trying to bring some feeling back into the area that likely had gone numb.

Her husband offered her a drink of water as she tried to rest.

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Police encouraged viewers to give credit to the man for treating his wife so kindly, and many did so, with the video being viewed over seven million times in a matter of days, according to the Daily Mail.

When some viewers argued that there were available seats in other parts of the hospital, others clapped back in defense of the pregnant woman, saying she should not have had to walk out of her way to find a seat, especially if the distance may have meant she would have not heard her name called for her appointment.

Kudos to this man for showing such love to his wife, a good indicator of how he will likely treat their baby someday soon.

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