Ilhan Omar's Response to Soleimani Strike Shows Why She Wasn't Told in the First Place


Rep. Ilhan Omar’s response to the killing of an Iranian military commander and the lack of congressional oversight in the strike hints at a possible reason she was never told about it in the first place.

Omar took to Twitter Thursday and Friday to express her outrage toward President Donald Trump.

The congresswoman hinted that Trump ordered the violently explosive drone strike on Iranian terror leader Qassem Soleimani in the hopes that a war would result — a conflict that would serve as a distraction from the ongoing impeachment attempt against him.

“So what if Trump wants war,” Omar asked, “knows this leads to war and needs the distraction?”

“Real question is,” she continued, “will those with congressional authority step in and stop him? I know I will.” (Emphasis added)

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One of Omar’s main gripes appears to be that Trump failed to get congressional authorization before ordering the drone strike that killed Soleimani.

If Trump did brief all 535 members of Congress about the impending strike — or even members certain House and Senate committees — is there any guarantee this information wouldn’t be leaked out?

Should Ilhan Omar have been told about the strike?

In an operation like the one that led to the death of Soleimani, it all comes down to timing. The target needs to be within clear striking distance of a drone, yet clear from any potential collateral damage.

Even the slightest tip to the Iranian terror leader could have scuttled the entire plan.

Omar, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, already confirmed she would use her power to frustrate anything that would lead to a war. She most likely held this same sentiment days before the strike.

The question, however, is whether her desire to avoid a war with Iran would have provoked her to leak crucial information.

Saving Soleimani would potentially avoid any conflict, but cause irreparable damage to any U.S. plans against the butcher of American and coalition troops.

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Not even former President Barack Obama sought the approval of Congress for his raid against Osama Bin Laden.

According to a report from The Hill, while the House and Senate Intelligence committees were kept up to date on the ongoing hunt for Bin Laden, only a select few were told about the raid.

Obama kept the circle small — only eight people in the House and Senate knew about plans for the raid before it was executed. Clearly, even Obama understood that loose lips sink ships.

At a time when the left is outright apologizing to Iran for the destruction of one of the world’s most notorious terror commanders, is it really surprising that Trump kept plans for this strike on a strictly need-to-know basis?

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Jared has written more than 200 articles and assigned hundreds more since he joined The Western Journal in February 2017. He was an infantryman in the Arkansas and Georgia National Guard and is a husband, dad and aspiring farmer.
Jared has written more than 200 articles and assigned hundreds more since he joined The Western Journal in February 2017. He is a husband, dad, and aspiring farmer. He was an infantryman in the Arkansas and Georgia National Guard. If he's not with his wife and son, then he's either shooting guns or working on his motorcycle.
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