Injured Golden Retriever Takes Himself to Vet. Clinic Finds Him Pawing at Door for Help


Everyone has a natural instinct when it comes to their health. Being in tune with your body helps you identify times when you’re feeling sick or unhealthy.

When you have a cough and runny nose, it sometimes signifies that you have caught a cold. These alerts let us know when our body is not in its normal state.

Some of us can quickly detect when our health is deteriorating. When this happens, it’s a clear indication to go see a doctor for treatment.

As humans, most of us just know when we don’t feel at our best, but apparently, animals are just as intuitive.

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According to a story that took place in Pathum Thani, Thailand, one smart canine took himself to the vet after sustaining an eye injury.

The dog, which appeared to be a golden retriever mix, made his way to the Petto Street Clinic. The fact that he knew where to go was a miracle in and of itself, but even more surprising is how he got the staff’s attention.

He went to the door and “knocked” — he pawed at the door until someone came to help. Who knows how he figured this out, but he clearly knew what was up.

Veterinarian Siramanee Wongpitayadisai treated the dog, patched his eye, and placed a cone around his head.

They predicted the dog wasn’t a stray since he was so friendly. Street dogs would not have behaved in this manner.

So, they decided to hop on a motorcycle and ride around town to find the pup’s handler.

When that didn’t go as planned, they turned to Facebook and eventually got in contact with the owner.

The clinic soon learned that the dog “got out while the owner was distracted and had clearly hurt itself in the meantime.”

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Once the dog was reunited with his person, the story became a hit. Reddit users have since spoken on the topic.

“What a smart dog,” someone wrote. “I always assumed that they just viewed the vet as some scary people who pokes them where it hurts.”

Yet, this dog was an exception to the rule. “Now if all animals could do this they would save their owners soooo much [money],” another person jokingly said.

Most dogs are known to be wary of the vet, but this dog is definitely a rarity. He was intelligent enough to know when he needed medical intervention, and that’s just something you don’t see too often.

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