Insurrection? Leftist Agitators Blockade Every Entrance to the White House, Issue Demands to Biden


On Monday, a group of militant leftist activists stormed onto White House grounds and barricaded points of entry while making demands of President Joe Biden.

With many wearing black T-shirts sloganeering in support of the “Green New Deal,” participants brandished signs reading “For the Water We Drink” and “No Climate, No Deal.”

After ordering Biden to include full funding for a Civilian Climate Corps in his “bipartisan” infrastructure bill, members of the so-called Sunrise Movement were arrested by Secret Service, prompting the group to boast of its “activism” on Twitter — as if activism were attempting to hold the White House hostage like children holding their breath in protest of their parents.

“Today we showed up to @JoeBiden’s doorstep with 500+ people and blockaded every entrance to the white house, demanding that he include a fully funded #CivilianClimateCorps in his infrastructure bill,” the Sunrise Movement wrote. “Secret Service then arrested dozens of us.”

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Under different circumstances, members of the establishment media might have called this sort of thing an insurrectionary act.

But under these particular circumstances, you see, “Mother Earth” herself was at stake.

This means that it was merely a “mostly peaceful” protest by people whose cause justifies their “unorthodox” methods of raising awareness.

For this reason, some folks on Twitter mocked the media for its complicity in left-wing political activism.

“Oh! This is totes a #Insurrection!” conservative commentator Ron Coleman tweeted. “Help us please @FBI!”

Washington Times columnist Tim Young wrote, “Sooo…. 500 people showed up to the White House today to block all the entrances, but that wasn’t called an Insurrection and all those people are already out on bail… got it.”

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In another tweet, Young wrote that “500 leftists showed up to the White House today to block all the entrances… it got no media coverage and definitely wasnt called an insurrection…”

And there lies the problem.

The establishment media has no standards whatsoever.

This means that it isn’t even hypocritical, just riddled with unprincipled people willing to use whatever tactics may be necessary to manipulate their way to whatever they think they want.

We have heard for months that the Jan. 6 incursion of the Captiol wasn’t merely bad optics, but the worst day in modern American history; that it was an attempted insurrection that almost toppled our democracy, even though the certification of results resumed that evening; and that the people responsible were cold, calculating assassins of the republic, rather than fools who identified themselves for future prosecution by documenting themselves committing a crime.

The fact is that the Capitol incursion was an ugly event to cap an ugly election season. But the threat to democracy never came from the morons in barbarian garb taking selfies with the House speaker’s gavel.

The threat comes from journalists who act as though the leftist agenda serves the country better than a relentlessly skeptical free media holding the government accountable.

Instead of the media asking questions of the government, it lets activists do the questioning and then promotes the groups asking the “right” questions according to its political agenda.

Rather than holding both parties accountable, the media elevates Democrats to a position of moral ascendency while kicking Republicans in the hands like they’re villains scaling a ladder to cultural relevance.

Make no mistake, part of the reason that Democrats and the Biden administration refuse to compromise with Republicans — that many believe such action would be a betrayal of their principles — is because the media treats Republicans like an enemy who shares aims with the worst kind of fascists.

The Jan. 6 protesters have been rightfully prosecuted and roundly condemned by both sides. As a matter of fact, they’ve been treated like full-on terrorists, with FBI investigations and many reportedly placed on the “No-Fly List.”

The media has told us that they were the worst thing to happen to the country since the Bush administration’s foreign policy left terrorists no choice but to bomb the World Trade Center.

Did the Sunrise Movement activists commit an act of insurrection?

But these Sunrise Movement extremists cannot so easily be falsely equated with the broader conservative movement. In fact, they oppose it wholesale, which makes them allies of the media.

That is why Americans can expect no serious media coverage or Democratic condemnation of people who just attacked the heart of American democracy — by the media’s supposed standard.

We’ll just pretend the whole thing never happened.

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