Internet Discovers Disturbing Profile of 'Senior Stylist' Believed to Be Behind Balenciaga 'Pedophile Ads'


Balenciaga has been quickly attempting to distance itself from the creators they hired to work on two abominable ad campaigns that associated young children with the depraved BDSM lifestyle and appeared to sympathize with pedophilia.

The renowned luxury fashion designer, based in Spain, recently sponsored an unconscionable ad featuring bondage-themed teddy-bear tote bags modeled by toddlers. One of the bears sported a bondage-style costume, complete with a studded harness and a collar with a lock.

Even more disturbing than the “bondage bears” is a photo in another series of ads that contained a legal document — placed conspicuously behind one of its handbags — which showed a U.S. Supreme Court case that involved child pornography.

According to Daily Mail, Balenciaga, “issued a lengthy statement on Monday claiming it had no control over the props used in its Spring ’23 ad campaign where a printout of a SCOTUS ruling on child porn was photographed behind a handbag, after filing a notice that it planned to sue the production company responsible.”

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Balenciaga’s Instagram page has since removed not only the photos of the disgusting ad campaigns but its entire page, other than a lengthy statement regarding the controversy.



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The post completely denies that Balenciaga had anything to do with the SCOTUS legal documents being included in the shot of the handbag and has pointed fingers at ad agency North Six and set producer Nicholas Des Jardins.

Should there be answers from Balenciaga about how and why these ads were approved?

The post claimed, “The inclusion of these unapproved documents was the result of reckless negligence for which Balenciaga has filed complaint.”

Pleading ignorance and “lack of oversight” is an outlandish play for one of the world’s most famous luxury fashion designers that is trying to pass blame onto an ad agency and set producer they hired.

“Everyone from Balenciaga was on the shoot and was present on every shot and worked on the edit of every image in post-production,” Gabriela Moussaieff, an agent for set director Nicholas Des Jardins, said, according to Daily Mail.

What is also suspect is the fact that Balenciaga has actively employed depraved and openly satanic “stylists” like Lotta Volkova for years.

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The Namal collected a number of social media users’ screenshots of various images that Volkova had openly displayed on her social media accounts. Calling them disturbing would be an understatement.

WARNING: The following links to social media posts contain extremely graphic images that readers may find disturbing.

Twitter user @OliLondonTV posted photos that even Twitter blocked as objectionable content. London acknowledged, “These pics are beyond shocking but there are far worse on her Instagram which I won’t share.”

User @curioslight posted “A thread on WHO is REALLY behind the #Balenciaga ads:

“The Devil In Disguise: Lotta Volkova

  1. “She has been one of the main stylist[s] in Balenciaga since 2014
  2. “She has a relationship with an accused pedophile.
  3. “We can’t only boycott #Balenciaga but also the people behind it.”

Again, the photos in the post are extremely shocking and repulsive.

Another @curioslight post indicates that Volkova appears to have a morbid obsession with teddy bears, which also supports the claims that she was the creative influence behind that macabre fashion campaign.

“Now lets go into what leads me to think Lotta Volkova was behind the #Balenciaga ads,” the post reads. “She has a weird fetish for teddy bears I don’t know why but have a look and see for yourself.” The accompanying series of photos — which, once again, include some disturbing imagery, all appear to be posts by Volkova featuring humans and teddy bears.

The American Conservative reported that Volkova is Balenciaga’s “senior stylist” and that W Magazine once declared Volkova to be “the coolest stylist in the industry.”

The article’s headline describes Volkova in disturbing terms: “The pedo-chic fashion house’s chief stylist is obsessed with Satanic themes, child abuse, cannibalism, violence.”

It is beyond outrageous that such a prominent name in the fashion industry — which has some of the most famous “influencers” publicly adorned in their merchandise — would attempt to not only normalize but romanticize pedophilia.

Balenciaga’s fervent denials of having placed the legal documents into some of its ads fall on deaf ears when they themselves admit they created the bondage-bear campaign and continue to employ designers like Volkova, who sympathize with such a degenerate movement.

“Christian” reality star Joshua Duggar was sentenced to 12 years for possession of child pornography in May.

How should companies like Balenciaga be dealt with by comparison, for the creation and glorification of the same vile content?

Pray for the moral fabric of our nation as those who worship the destroyer appear to become more brazen in their attempts to sink their talons into the innocent.

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