We Are Being Invaded: Biden's Secret Nighttime Missions Exposed


Want to know what’s happening to many of the millions of illegal migrants who have flooded into the U.S. since President Joe Biden took office?

Police bodycam footage taken at a regional airport in Westchester, New York, in August and obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request gives a good idea.

Fox News reported that video shows Westchester Police Sgt. Michael Hamborsky questioning multiple federal contractors about the arrival of a plane in the early morning hours.

“You’re on a secure facility here, and we don’t really know anything and we’re in charge of security,” he told one of the contractors.

The contractor indicated that they were transporting migrants.

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“You don’t want to be in somewhere where the spotlight is,” he explained. “You want to try to keep it as down low as possible. … A lot of this is just down-low stuff that we don’t tell people because what we don’t want to do is attract attention. We don’t want the media. Like we don’t even know where we’re going when they tell us.”

Another contractor said the Biden administration is “betraying the American people.”

“I get the whole secrecy and all that s**t but this is even above my f***ing pay grade,” he said.

“And why? You know why?” Hamborsky wondered.

“You know why. Look who’s in office. That’s why, come on,” the contractor said.

In another exchange, a contractor told Hamborsky that “we’re not allowed to have our picture taken when we get on base.”

“Un-f***ing-believable,” Hamborsky responded. “And who’s that by? [The Department of Homeland Security]?”

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“Yes, that and the United States Army,” the contractor responded. “DHS wants everything on the down-low.”

The contractor told Hamborsky, “Technically, we’re not supposed to show IDs or anything. Like I said, everything is supposed to be hush-hush.”

Former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, who obtained the 51 minutes of Hamborsky’s bodycam footage, told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night, “Our government is completely out of control right now.

“They have lied to us. They’ve lied to the American people,” said Astorino, a Republican candidate for governor of New York.

He faulted the Biden administration’s policies.

“They’re waving them in. They’re putting [them] on planes, sending them to airports closed at night, like Westchester, putting them on buses,” Astorino said.

Hamborsky later discovered that some of the buses were bound for Delaware, Virginia and New Jersey, according to Fox.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol data, there were nearly 179,000 migrant encounters at the southwest border in December and over half a million illegal crossings in the first three months of fiscal year 2022.

For calendar year 2021, there were more than 2 million encounters.

Biden sparked the record-breaking influx of illegal migrants to the U.S. by ending former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, halting construction of the border wall and tearing up the asylum agreements the previous administration negotiated with Central American countries.

Further, despite claims by the administration that it deports single males apprehended at the border — while allowing unaccompanied minors and family units to remain — Fox reported this week that that is not the case.

Trump has rightly argued that “a nation without borders is not a nation at all.”

In polling, Americans have consistently given Biden his lowest approval numbers for his handling of the border and related immigration issues, hovering right now in the low 30s.

If Republicans take control of Congress in November, the first order of business must be holding Biden and DHS officials like Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas accountable for not enforcing our nation’s immigration laws and expending taxpayer dollars to house and transport illegal immigrants all over the U.S.

It’s time for the lawlessness to end.

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