Iran Threatens 'Very Unpleasant' Action if Trump Pulls Out of Iran Deal


On Monday, Iran’s foreign minister warned officials that if President Donald Trump were to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement, they would send a “very dangerous message.”

The word of caution came from Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif during his arrival for a meeting at the United Nations General Assembly and adhered to Iran’s claims that the U.S. has failed to implement its side of the bargain when it comes to the agreement, according to Breitbart.

“Iran has several options if the United States leaves the nuclear deal,” Zarif said. “Tehran’s reaction to America’s withdrawal of the deal will be unpleasant.”

“The measure that the Islamic Republic would take and the reaction that the international community would show to the US move would be very unpleasant to the Americans,” he added.

Zarif stated that there were several actions Iran could take that would be “unpleasant” for the U.S., including using a dispute mechanism that had been set up in the Iran deal.

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Other choices include Iran leaving the deal and restarting its nuclear program, as well as more “drastic measures,” though Zarif refused to detail what those might be.

Under the deal, made in January of 2016 with former President Barack Obama, Iran had agreed to place limits on its nuclear program in exchange for the U.S. removing all “nuclear-related” sanctions.

The settlement saw Iran receiving relief from sanctions from other powers such as France, Germany, Britain, Russia and China as it agreed not to develop atomic bombs.

President Donald Trump has often labeled the deal as one-sided and gave the European signatories until May 12 to alter or fix the numerous “terrible flaws” or else the U.S. would refuse to extend its sanctions relief to the foreign country.

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Iran has countered several times with its own threats, stating that it will “shred” the deal if Washington lawmakers pull out of it.

“That’s a very dangerous message to send to people of Iran, but also to the people of the world,” Zarif said. “That you should never come to an agreement with the United States because at the end of the day, the operating principle of the United States is ‘what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable.'”

“The situation is creating an impression globally that agreements don’t matter,” he added.

However, other evidence has surfaced detailing the lengths to which Iran itself has broken the deal as, over the years, it has tested “long-range ballistic missiles and laser-guided surface-to-surface missiles.”

Just last year, Alireza Jafarzadeh, who is the Deputy Director of the National Council Resistance of Iran’s Washington Office, presented evidence that Iran had secretly been in development of nukes at an off-limits site.

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“We are talking about an extensive covert operation by the Iranian regime,” Jafarzadeh said.

“Our information shows that their activities have been continuing in full gear despite the JCPOA,” he added, alluding to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Iranian leaders have dismissed the idea that they are breaking their part of the deal, claiming that the U.S. is the real perpetrator and that Iran will pull out if an agreement is not made.

“I don’t think that a country that has been in breach for at least the last 15 months is in a position to make any new demands,” Zarif said.

“It’s very important for Iran to receive the benefits of the agreement,” he added. “There’s no way that Iran would do a one-sided implementation of it.”

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