Kyle Kashuv Owns Obama for Ignoring Pro-Gun Parkland Survivors


It’s been said that Barack Obama was one of the greatest gun salesman of all time. Indeed, the statistics show a spike in sales of sporting rifles during the 44th president’s time in office, fueled no doubt by his rhetoric about gun control.

David Hogg seems to be just as good of a salesman. After the student-turned-activist railed against lawful gun owners and implied that NRA members were blood-covered murderers, donations and applications to the pro-gun association may have tripled.

The dynamic duo of unintentional gun marketers just doubled down on their “bromance.” During a recent essay for Time Magazine, Obama heaped praise on Hogg and other Parkland students who have become vocal gun control advocates.

Do you think students like Kyle Kashuv should receive more attention from the media?
Conspicuously missing from Obama’s tribute, however, was any mention of the other Parkland shooting survivors… the ones who lived through the same ordeal, but happen to support the Second Amendment.

“Obama’s tribute was written for Parkland students Cameron Kasky, Jaclyn Corin, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, and Alex Wind — all of whom are gun control activists,” explained TheBlaze.

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“His essay did not include commentary on any efforts made by pro-gun survivors or outspoken conservative students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas,” the report continued.

That glaring and seemingly politically-motivated omission didn’t sit well with 16-year-old Kyle Kashuv, one of the leading pro-Second Amendment voices who was a fellow student in Parkland.

Kashuv has worked hard to promote meaningful changes and school security legislation, while still standing up for gun rights. He has met with President Trump and lawmakers on Capitol Hill, but the actions of right-leaning student activists were apparently invisible to Obama.

“After Time published Obama’s essay, Kashuv — in a reportedly now-deleted tweet — pointed to the fact that no pro-gun or conservative students were mentioned, and called it a ‘disgrace,'” stated TheBlaze.

“It’s an absolute shame that Barack Obama gives no credit to (Ryan Petty and Andrew Pollack) who actually got the legislation passed,” Kashuv posted on Twitter.

Those two men are both fathers of students who were murdered in Parkland. They worked tirelessly to promote school safety legislation, but didn’t join the left’s narrative about attacking gun ownership.

It isn’t the first time that Kashuv has spoken out about anti-gun leftists trying to hijack the conversation on school safety. Just this week, he slammed frequently-vile “comedian” Chelsea Handler for hypocrisy and ignorance on the issue.

During a Twitter exchange with multiple people, the far-left Handler was forced to admit that she surrounded herself with armed guards while lecturing Americans about their right to self defense.

Hilariously, she then tried to insist that her guards didn’t used semi-automatic weapons, which have been the standard for police, private security and civilian protection for many decades.

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“Uhm… I would get new ‘armed’ guards then, unless you mean they’re from Britain and armed with a spork,” Kashuv scolded her.

Kashuv’s willingness to call out prominent celebrities and even the former president is a refreshing reminder that not everyone is in the same camp as David Hogg.

Liberals and the media — can anyone tell the difference? — have tried desperately to make pro-gun Americans seem like a fringe group, while angry activists like Hogg are held up as anointed messengers. Reality is much different.

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