Little Girl Breaks Down Sobbing, Runs Downstairs When She Realizes Soldier Daddy Is Home


With her father deployed in Nepal for the past six months, 10-year-old Iliana had settled into a fairly normal routine of communicating with dad.

But after six months of phone calls, Iliana’s parents arranged an incredible surprise for their daughter — and it went off without a hitch.

Army Capt. Eric Morski was used to sharing mealtimes with his daughter. The only major difference was that while one person’s day was just beginning, the other’s was coming to a close.

From across the world, Morski would use FaceTime to talk with Iliana. While she ate her breakfast, Morski would be eating dinner.

They’d say good morning and goodnight at the same time, until their most recent FaceTime conversation.

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From her bedroom in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Iliana held her phone close.

Her dad said he wanted to speak with her before she went to bed, WJZY reported.

“She was upstairs in her room about to go to sleep when I told her he wanted to FaceTime her before she went to bed, like they normally do,” said Iliana’s mother, Meredith Morski.

“Little did she know that he would be FaceTiming her from downstairs.”

As Iliana chatted with her dad, a familiar view came onto her phone screen.

It was the view of the Christmas tree downstairs that Iliana had set up with her mom.

A puzzled expression crossed the 10-year-old’s face as she processed how her father, who was in Nepal, could be standing by a Christmas tree that looked exactly like hers.

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Suddenly, all the pieces came together in lliana’s mind as she began to exclaim, “Daddy! Daddy!”

She couldn’t tear down the stairs fast enough, calling her father’s name in a desperate hope that her hunch was correct.

When Iliana reached the living room, her Army captain father was there waiting.

She burst into tears as Morski scooped his daughter up into his arms.

In between sobs, Iliana managed to say how much she’d missed him.

She reassured her dad that she wasn’t crying because she was sad, rather, her tears were from the joy bubbling out of her heart.

The Morski family intends to be together for 2019, stationed in Fort Bragg.

Merry Christmas to this sweet family, and thank you all for your service.

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