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Man Grieving Loss of Dog Breaks Down When Wife Hands Him Pillow with Picture of Dog


The death of a beloved pet is difficult to bear, pain that 44-year-old Jason Jentsch, who lives with his family in Texas, knows all too well.

Jason recently lost his beloved Boston terrier, Bruce, who was 12 years old when he died.

Bruce was just a small puppy about to be surrendered to a shelter when Jason adopted him, and the pair shared a lifelong bond.

“Bruce became my dad’s best friend,” Jason’s 19-year-old daughter, Jasey Jentsch, told The Dodo.

“Every Saturday morning, they would sit together on the recliner and watch TV.”

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As Bruce aged, he lost his eyesight and relied on Jentsch as a trustworthy caregiver who would keep him safe and loved, even in his senior days.

“He trusted my dad no matter what,” Jasey said.

When Bruce did pass away peacefully at home, the entire family felt the weight of the loss, but the loss was especially hard on dad. Jasey recognized the pain, saying that Bruce’s passing “really hurt” her father.

While nothing can ease the pain of death entirely, sometimes a sentimental gift or kind word can go a long way in knowing that others care about the loss, too.

Jasey’s mom came up with the idea to purchase a customized Bruce-shaped pillow, with the dog’s likeness printed on the front, hoping it would bring her husband a bit of joy.

When Jason realized what was inside the gift bag, he smiled — then his lip quivered, and he began to wipe away tears.

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“Thank you,” he managed, overcome with emotion.

His wife helped him open the bag to reveal the adorable, soft pillow with pointed ears and a smiling Bruce on the front.

The heartfelt moment brought a bit of comfort to the entire hurting family.

“It made my heart very happy,” Jasey said. “Seeing how happy the pillow made my dad really brought tears to our eyes and comfort.”

“My dad is the strong one in the house, so seeing him show his vulnerability really shows you how much Bruce meant to him.”

Jasey said the pillow has already found a permanent spot in the home.

“The pillow stays on my parents’ bed,” she said. “It never leaves my dad’s side.”

Jasey told the Press Association that her family is considering adopting another dog from a shelter when the time is right.

“We could never replace Bruce of course, but there’s always room for another one to be adopted and we know that’s what Bruce would want!” she said.

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