Mandates to Follow? Feds Race to Prepare Millions of Vaccines for 'Low Risk, Rare' Bird Flu


Avian flu, also known as H5N1 or bird flu, is quite rare among humans at present. Birds can transmit it to other birds, as well as other mammals, like cattle. For humans to get it, however, they must be in direct contact with an infected bird or mammal, then take the viral particles in through the eyes, nose or mouth. The illness could also result from humans touching surfaces with viral particles on them and taking them in that way.

It is important to keep in mind that bird flu is a naturally occurring illness. An FDA spokesperson told CBS News the odds of most people getting it remain quite low. The majority of those who do get it will exhibit symptoms of the seasonal flu: fever, runny nose and body aches, according to Harvard Health Publishing.

Scientifically and medically, the big concerns lie in the unknowns about the disease as well as the possibilities of mutation, according to the Mayo Clinic. The biggest concern would be a human pandemic, specifically among those individuals who already have compromised immune systems as opposed to the average healthy Joe. Those are the people that could fall into the 56 percent fatality rate. Most others will simply move through the illness like they do every other.

Experts currently don’t know how cattle are passing it to other cattle or how cattle are passing it to humans, according to Stat News. One theory is that it is being passed on via milking equipment.

Right now, the three cases of bird flu that have occurred in Texas and Michigan occurred among individuals who worked in direct contact with infected animals. The one fatality, a 59-year-old man living in Mexico, who was said to have had no direct contact with infected birds or animals also had underlying health conditions before contacting the strain (H5N2), according to the World Health Organization, UPI reported.

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This situation feels familiar in timing and recipe to the COVID pandemic at the dawn of the 2020 election. Plenty believe that the onset of bird flu and the growing chatter among establishment news and its many bedfellows is simply another plan to hijack the 2024 presidential election as well as reline the waning coffers of pharmaceutical companies, like Pfizer and Moderna, who have been struggling with lost COVID vaccine sales, literally slicing their multibillion-dollar revenues by half to two-thirds in 2023 and 2024, according to Reuters.

One comment on X shared this cynicism, calling bird flu a hoax and demanding that they stop killing chickens.

This isn’t to say that bird flu isn’t really on the rise. It wouldn’t be too farfetched, however, among skeptical voters to question the timing and growing concern over an illness that will result in symptoms no greater than the seasonal flu for most.

Will you take a bird flu vaccine?

Critical questions regarding whether this will become the needed convenient distraction or an all-out war on the upcoming presidential election by President Joe Biden, the Biden administration and campaign, the Democrats, global elites, and the liberal left are swirling among conservative voters. Plenty see the bird flu as another orchestrated pandemic, where science, politics, power and greed collude to get the better of the American people once again.

Is this a “here we go again” moment? It could be, especially as, according to current polls, Biden and Trump are neck and neck, within one point of each other.

Certainly, news from the Biden camp regarding the proactive bird flu efforts of the current president won’t hurt him in collecting needed votes and closing the margin of error between him and Trump. It could serve to offset news regarding all of his other policy and political failures sinking our nation’s morale, economy and safety.

The following TikTok user is a prime example of these suspicions and skepticism among conservative voters. He put a humorous spin on what he implied was a ruse.

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“Ho, ho ho. Time to panic about bird flu, but fear not. They’ll have the jabs ready in just a few weeks. What’s more exciting than moving at the speed of science?”

According to a news release distributed by CSL Seqirus, the pharmaceutical company selected by the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), the creation of a mass stockpile of human vaccine against bird flu is underway.

“It utilizes a highly scalable method of production and is currently positioned to deliver up to 150 million influenza vaccine doses to support an influenza pandemic response within six months of a pandemic declaration.”

And look who’s rounding the corner behind CSL Sequirus to help prepare additional doses: Moderna.

Moderna is moments away from being bankrolled by the U.S. government to produce an MRNA bird flu vaccine. And it seems Pfizer had also been let in on the action, as last year it launched a first-phase study of its pandemic influenza vaccine, according to Investor’s Business Daily.

In a statement also shared by Investor’s Business Daily, Pfizer said that its platform “could be leveraged to rapidly provide a vaccine candidate targeting the specific pandemic influenza strain.”

For others, where fear and survival are concerned, however, memories can be quite short. A prime example of this is this TikTokker who is calling for an immediate global lockdown in the aftermath of the death of the Mexican man who reportedly had bird flu. He said he wants a global lockdown to begin immediately.

His concern for humanity is admirable, but he seems to be short of all the facts, providing a perfect environment for propaganda to take root. It is here where elections can go sideways and 81 million more votes could mysteriously fall into the lap of Biden again, despite his dismal record of leading this nation or even standing upright.

The following comment on TikTok sums up the lack of credibility and deviancy these health organizations carry with conservative voters: “Chief Scientist at the World Hoax Organization, and one of the main individuals who covered up the lab origins of SARS-CoV-2, is now suggesting that H5N1 Bird Flu is a “serious concern”. Another plandemic just in time to steal the 2024 election for the Nazi globalists.”

Is it time to say, “Here we go again?”

The potential seems likely to be there, with war on the back end of that. Anything to keep Trump out of the White House and the Democrats in charge.

The weaponization of health is seemingly becoming a profitable and reliable political ploy and attack on freedom. Prepare for an onslaught of mandates and possible lockdowns if required by the left to cry victory in 2024. Election integrity is no longer guaranteed in the United States.

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Laura J. Wellington is an award-winning children's television creator, author, blogger and technology entrepreneur. A TED Speaker, she is the founder of the THREAD MB blog as well as the ZNEEX app.
Laura J. Wellington is an award-winning children's television creator, author, blogger and technology entrepreneur. A TED Speaker, she is the founder of the THREAD MB blog as well as the ZNEEX app.