Megyn Kelly Takes Don Lemon to School with 8 Helpful Tips as 'Formal Training' Begins for CNN Host


Megyn Kelly brilliantly suggested eight topics Don Lemon can and should cover during his required “training” as he prepares for his return to a CNN desk.

The items Kelly outlined were actually just references to some of Lemon’s most controversial comments and bone-headed actions.

In any event, the few people who actually watch historically low-rated “CNN This Morning” will be treated to Lemon’s presence on Wednesday, CNN CEO Chris Licht told network employees Monday night.

Licht said Lemon, a fallen primetime star, would undergo “formal training” as he returns to work.

It is not clear what the training will entail, but Kelly offered some suggestions that could help Lemon — assuming he is intelligent enough to understand and process all the information.

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There are doubts.

Kelly came across news of Lemon’s corporate reprogramming and did not appear convinced it would be helpful.

“What a joke. ‘Formal training’ on what? How to be a decent human being? Good luck,” Kelly wrote.

Is Don Lemon “past his prime”?

In spite of Kelly’s obvious skepticism, she still highlighted some areas for improvement.

“Day 1 of Don Lemon’s ‘formal training’ on how not to be a misogynist,” she wrote on Twitter. “Let’s help!”

“Women are not damaged goods when they hit 40,” Kelly wrote in an obvious reference to Lemon’s sexist comments about women last week.

She then invoked a comment from Lemon from 2014, wherein he suggested a woman who had credibly accused Bill Cosby of rape should have bitten off the disgraced comedian’s genitals.

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“Rape victims don’t need your lecture on how to respond to their rape,” Kelly wrote.

From there, the podcaster and former cable and broadcast news anchor reminded her followers Lemon asked a colleague if she was suffering from “mommy brain” last year when she lost her train of thought.

“Women forgetting a fact do not have ‘mommy brain,’” Kelly reminded Lemon. “They’re, um… human.”

Lemon of course claimed last week women are over the hill, or as he put it, no longer in their “prime,” once they hit the age of 50.

Kelly concluded her tips for the embattled CNN star by making several references the ongoing backlash surrounding the comments.

She also invoked reported friction between Lemon and his female “CNN This Morning” co-host Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins.

The irony of Lemon commenting on anyone being out of their relative prime is still laughter-inducing five days into the most embarrassing week of a career filled with lowlights.

Lemon co-hosts CNN’s lowest-rated morning show in a decade and a mere four months ago owned one of the most-coveted time slots in all of cable news.

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