Megyn Kelly Tells Tucker Carlson to Breach His Contract with Fox News and Then Do This


Megyn Kelly has urged Tucker Carlson to breach his contract with Fox News and to continue his career elsewhere as she argued the company is working to keep him sidelined through the 2024 elections.

Kelly has taken up the issue of Carlson’s firing on her show, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” for two weeks since he was let go without any explanation to his viewers.

At the time he was terminated, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was cable news’ highest-rated prime-time show.

On Monday, Kelly declared, the Carlson’s attorneys believe “Fox News is not negotiating in good faith.”

She cited a weekend report from Axios that claimed Carlson is ready to pressure Fox News into letting him out of the contract.

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Kelly then commented on Fox News’ declining ratings in the wake of its decision to let Carlson go and noted the network has been losing to MSNBC.

“The ratings continue to be in the toilet,” Kelly said. “If they lose a month to MSNBC, heads are going to roll over there.”

She said Fox News wants Carlson to “just sit there on his couch and just cash his Fox checks and basically be immobilized by Fox News. To be rendered mute.”

Kelly noted many of Carlson’s fans want him involved in the upcoming Republican Primary and then the general election.

Should Tucker breach his contract with Fox News?

After she said Fox News had not been transparent about why Carlson’s show was canceled, she commented, “That’s what I think Tucker should do. Tucker should breach [the contract].”

“He should come out. He should talk. He should start a rival news network. He should quit. He should forfeit the money,” Kelly said. “He’ll make more money anyway.”

“He should breach and forfeit the money and then let Fox News take him to court, and the sole issue will be whether they have the right to silence him for the entire election season. The guy who served them loyally for a decade. The guy who kept them number one.”

“You fired him, let him go,” she said in a message to her old network. “Are you that scared?”

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Kelly suggested Fox News does not have someone that is capable of replacing Carlson.

Unlike other former Fox News hosts, Kelly did not sign a non-disclosure agreement when she left the network voluntarily to work for NBC News.

The Axios report cited by Kelly claimed Carlson has dirt on Fox News that he is prepared to use as he contemplates going on the offensive.

The outlet reported that Carlson might start his own media outlet or that he could take a job with someone who might directly compete with Fox News.

Carlson’s lawyer Bryan Freedman said any effort to silence his client would fail.

“The idea that anyone is going to silence Tucker and prevent him from speaking to his audience is beyond preposterous,” Freedman told Axios.

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