Mom Rushing to Urgent Care as Baby Turns Blue, Strangers Appear out of Nowhere for CPR


During our darkest hours in life, God sends us the people we need to help pull us through. These unexplainable encounters happen all the time all over the world.

Sometimes it’s a bystander who is helping to pull a victim out of a car wreck or a good Samaritan saving someone trapped in a house fire.

Witnessing complete strangers help their fellow humans reminds us that there is still a lot of good left in the world.

On Jan. 27, Cristina Baez of Statesville, North Carolina, experienced one of these kind acts while rushing her 15-month-old son, Josiah, to Urgent Care.

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She had packed up the car and buckled him in, bringing her 9-year-old daughter along for the ride.

But, during that trip, the daughter suddenly noticed something was wrong with her baby brother. His eyes had rolled back and he wasn’t breathing.

In a panic, Baez pulled over on East Broad Street and took Josiah out of his car seat. As she held her baby boy in her arms, she called 911.

“He was turning blue,” the mom told WSOC-TV. “He wasn’t breathing, he wasn’t responsive.”

Despair started to set in until a couple in a car pulled up to the scene. The lady started to administer CPR on Josiah.

Thankfully after minutes of trying, her CPR was successful, and she was able to bring the little boy back to life.

Another nearby resident, who just so happened to be a doctor, also rushed over to help. He was impressed by the couple’s life-saving efforts.

“Good Samaritans that came and stopped to take their time in a busy road to attend somebody in need,” Doctor Bobby Kearny later said. “That was amazing.”

Baez eventually got her son to the hospital. He is currently doing better and will improve even more in the coming weeks.

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Reaching out to WSOC-TV was Baez’s way of tracking down the couple. She was hoping to thank them personally for saving her baby boy.

“He’s our baby,” the grateful mom said. “He completes the family, you know, it wouldn’t be the same without him.”

This couple did an unforgettable deed. Help Baez find her “guardian angels” by sharing this story!

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