MSNBC Contributor Noah Rothman Says a Lot of Elizabeth Warren’s Big Ideas Are ‘Awful’


MSNBC contributor Noah Rothman said a lot of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s biggest ideas are “awful” Monday on “Live with Stephanie Ruhle.”

He praised Warren first for “coming out with a policy-oriented campaign” and talking about “issues rather than red meat” before delving into issues with her “big” policy proposals.

Rothman, however, said these plans that have helped Warren to reach her latest polling position at 9% aren’t worthwhile.

“The problem with her big ideas is a lot of them are awful,” he said.

“Her notion here that we should create some sort of a system where we can pay for childcare for people with $50,000 or less — or 7% of your income, for example — means you have to cap costs in the childcare industry.”

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The MSNBC contributor then explained that capping child care costs can only happen by implementing federal regulations or by a similar alternative.

“I’m not sure if people like dropping their kids off at federal daycare,” he said.

Rothman went on to critique Warren’s plan to forgive college loan debt with her “ultra-millionaire” tax proposal by saying it would cause the country’s biggest financial transfer to those who are already wealthy.

“The transfer of wealth, forgiving debt for people currently in college, would amount to the largest transfer of wealth to wealthy people in the history of the United States,” he said.

Do you agree with Noah Rothman's opinion of Elizabeth Warren's ideas?

Rothman also argued that it also would not lower the cost of college to start.

“It makes people who paid off their loans feel like suckers sowing the seed for populist backlash,” he said.

“Frankly, no one has really dug into these issues. She talks about it on the trail a lot, but it does not — it has not received a lot of scrutiny, and it will in the coming days.”

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