Museum Celebrates 'LGBT History Month' with Artifact Proving Gays Were in Roman Empire - Now Turn It Around for a Sick Surprise


The affront to God that is the LGBT community has staunchly insisted that the link between homosexuality and pedophilia are and have always been unfounded.

History, however, is often the thorn in the side of narratives that embrace moral depravity.

The British Museum’s official Twitter attempted to glamorize the history of homosexuality during the height of the Roman Empire in honor of “LGBT History Month” last Friday.

The Roman era artifact, however, may prove more harmful than glorious to the degenerate movement.

The Twitter post showed one side of a Hellenistic-styled silver goblet which depicted the abomination of two young adult-aged-looking males engaged in an act of sodomy.

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The British Museum describes one side — the only side posted to Twitter — as, “active lover (erastes) is bearded and wears a wreath, while the younger, passive partner (eromenos) is a beardless youth.”

The ancient Greek word “erastes” refers to the penetrative — usually older participant — in a male, homosexual relationship and the “eremenos” the receiver.

Should the British Museum remove this post?

While this image alone would naturally turn the stomach of most, the — unposted — reverse side of the goblet depicted something even fouler.

The British Museum’s own description of this side of the goblet read, “On the reverse the erastes is a beardless youth, crowned with a wreath, and the eromenos is a boy.”

The “Curators’ comments” section on the Museum’s site points to the hairstyles of the males on the goblet as evidence of the ages being depicted.

The curator stated, “Both partners in the reverse scene have long locks of hair, the youth’s bound up, the boy’s loose. Such locks were worn by Greek boys, and were offered to the gods in a rite celebrated at puberty.”

The hairstyle as well as the distinctly smaller stature of the “eromenos” on this side of the goblet makes it incredibly difficult to deny that a young boy is depicted being violated by an older man.

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While the direct correlation between male homosexuality and pedophilia is difficult to demonstrate mathematically in an era of censorship, one cannot dismiss the rising rates of pedophilia in Western nations since the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Britain itself has publicly admitted the growing struggle with online pedophilia.

In 2020, the U.K. news site the Independent stated back in 2020 that up to 450 pedophiles were being arrested a month in Britain.

More interestingly, ever since the United States declared gay marriage a “fundamental right” in June of 2015 under Obergefell v. Hodges, the FBI reported “epidemic” levels of pedophilia and human sex trafficking per the Washington Examiner in July of that same year.

Britain legalized same-sex marriage the year before in 2014.

It is also undeniable that the amount of pro-pedophile content in mainstream entertainment has skyrocketed after gay marriage was legalized in Western nations.

Disgusting shows like “Bigmouth” and obviously pro-pedophile movies like “Cuties” — to name only a couple examples of entertainment streaming on Netflix — would never have seen the light of day 20 years ago.

Even more disturbing is the emergence of groups like MAPs — minor attracted peoples — which is attempting to gain legitimacy under the LGBT umbrella.

Western nations like Britain and the United States are sadly demonstrating that they are quickly reaching their peak of degenerate decadence much like ancient Rome, Greece, Pompei, Sodom, and Gomorrah (all cultures that openly embraced sodomy and pedophilia) did before their destruction.

Pray for a spiritual revival in this country before America experiences the same tragic and violent end these cultures did after they normalized the abomination of homosexuality and child abuse.

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