Neighbor Leaves Note on Windshield, Calling Driver 'Selfish.' Gets 2 Page Reply


Road rage is a common feeling among most drivers. Every now and then, we all get a bit angry and annoyed while driving.

Some of this same aggression even carries over to something as simple as parking. I like to call this “parking lot rage,” especially when drivers fight over spaces in a crowded lot.

Take this next story for instance. It all started with a simple note that a London resident found placed on their windshield.

The neighbor who left the note was furious that the owner of the vehicle had parked in two lanes. They called the driver “selfish” and also said their parking was “atrocious.”

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But, the driver of the vehicle was not about to put up with someone leaving “passive-aggressive notes” on their car.

They decided to respond to the “unseen stranger” in a two-page reply.

In their own defense, they claimed that was the only space available at the time they parked.

“Has it ever occurred to you that I might have parked very considerately behind a car in the only space provided, and that subsequently the other cars moved away, leaving my car where it is?”

They continued writing that they try to park as considerately as possible, but sometimes that’s not always the case if other drivers aren’t doing the same.

This is understandable and sometimes you have to get where you fit.

Apparently, that’s what happened here. The driver suggested the person address the issue face-to-face rather than leave notes under their windshield wiper.

“If you had the courtesy to let me know which house you live in, I could have explained this in person,” the note read.

Also adding that the harasser could even stop by their place and have a “[civilized] discussion” instead of causing a “primary school feud.”

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It’s unknown how this situation turned out, but the dispute has become a hit on Reddit. One user said, “People describe the British as a polite but I only see repressed passive fury.”

One thing is for certain, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world. Road rage and parking lot quarrels are universal issues for everyone.

Assuming most of us have experienced a similar situation, how did you handle it? Share this story and leave your comments!

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