Netflix Continues Catering to Leftist Causes with Disturbing New Documentary


A feature rarely mentioned about the Black Panther movement of the 1960s was its pro-Hitlerism. This racist group openly admired Adolf Hitler. Although they bellowed about the “evil” white race, what really motivated them was their hatred of Jews.

The Black Panthers wanted to do to American Jews what Hitler did to European Jews: shove them into “gas ovens.”

Deprived of such resources, they did attempt to put their beliefs into practice when they once invaded the California House of Representatives with the goal of decapitating Jewish politicians.

Meanwhile, white leftists — even Jewish ones — afflicted with “white guilt” masochistically cheered them on.

They’d call it “white privilege” today.

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Then and now, white and black leftists cleansed their history of these fascist views, instead focusing on the community breakfast and free education programs Black Panthers designed for the black poor.

Such airbrushed history might be emulated by Netflix, if we are to judge by their news release for an upcoming documentary on Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan, scheduled to air in August.

The documentary’s title, “The Honourable Louis Farrakhan: My Life’s Journey Through Music,” indicates that its focus will be on his former career as a calypso singer and what Netflix calls “faith-based family-values.”

But Farrakhan’s actual “values” involved a black version of Hitler’s racist ideology, in which Farrakhan replaces Hitler’s “superior” Anglo-Saxon race with a black one that is superior to the white race.  In his demented version of history, the white race was the creation of an “evil black scientist” 6,600 years ago.

Do you think that Netflix leans to the left?

Although Hitler once referred to blacks as “apes,” Farrakhan nevertheless admires the Nazi leader, calling the latter “a great man.” His admiration extends to Hitler’s so-called “Final Solution,” i.e., the extermination of the Jewish race.

Farrakhan’s metier has always been mixing religion with black fascism. In one 1985 speech he warned Jews that “God” will “put you in the ovens.”

He has also linked Jews with Satanism and their Star of David with “the biblical mark” of the anti-Christ. Like Hitler, Farrakhan asserts that an “International Jewish Conspiracy” controls the world.

In the 1960s, radical black comedian Dick Gregory called what flagellating white leftists refused to acknowledge about the Black Panthers: that they were a bunch of “racist thugs.”

The same characterization applies to Farrakhan, but chillingly he commands a much larger organization than the California-based Panthers.

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Worse, in his Manichean worldview about the “race of devils,” the fact that the white race “controls the world” demands an all-out race war.

And history has shown the lethal consequences of combining racism with an “End of Days” religion.

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